Empire Campaign recap and update

Well after the last major battle at crossing the Rats needed to make a decision, push north or head for the east coast port of Abydos.

The decision was to split the army and leave what was in effect the army reserve to hold the north road while Skreechnor headed east with the main army.

The comander of the reservists tried to earn some kudos by moving north to the pass of Narrow Way where they were soundly stopped and repulsed by the small Empire garrison lead by Leon of the Eddas with his 300 sturdy dwarves!

Meanwhile Eric the Chain had set off in pursuit of the Rat army with his cavalry and as much horse artillery as he could muster.

So the table is set for a three army battle with the unsuspecting Rats in between the City defenders and the pursuing Eric!

The table is laid out below:-

The Forest in the forground, across the Causeway lies Longbridge leading to the city walls of Abydos

The Causeway, the city’s best defence for over half a millennium

“For the night was dark and throughout it from the city walls they heard a chittering and a skittering and lo, when the dawn broke they saw over Longbridge the foulness of Rattus Norvegicus” … Bevis the Quite, monk of Abydos

View from Abydos

The City Guard


The scene is set, a couple of tweeks to the Rat list and I’ll start the game about 17:00 local as its 31 degrees in the gamesroom at the moment and climbing 😀

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