First game of Sixth!

Well,tomorrow I will be playing my first game of sixth edition! Β It’s an exhibition game that should be going up on YouTube, so I’ve picked a force based more on fluff and using new cool options tHan anything else.

My primary detachment list is as follows 1128:

Saint Celestine

Unit of Seraphim – 7 sisters, 2x twin hand flamers, superior with power sword and meltabombs

Battle sisters with two flamers in a rhino

Battle sisters with two storm bolters, with a multimelta immolator

Retributors with 5 sisters, simulacrum imperalis, superior and multimelta immolator

2 x Exorcists

I’m also taking guard allies 758 pts

A command squad in a chimera

6 ratlings

An infantry platoon – command squad in chimera, 2 infantry units, 2 heavy weapon squads – mortars, 2 special weapon squads (meltaguns)

Finally, I’m taking an imperial bastion! Β 110pts for the bastion and Icarus lascannon, for a total of 1996 points.Given I’m facing nurgle forces, I suspect I lack heavy punch, but it’s a great example of the sort of thing you can do with the new force org system!

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