Amon Sul (take 4)

Ok this is the 4th go at this scenario the last 3 time good has won hands down!

The terrain is the same as in the last fights so no starting pic, The rats, sorry, Hobbits deploy within 3″ of the center, that puts Frodo (the Brave) 3 steps up the stair with Sam in front of him and Merry on his left, somehow that leaves Pippin out in front 🙂

Turn One.



All of the Hobbits pick up stones and Frodo and Sam move up the stairs, Merry and Pippin move to block the foot of the stairs.


All but one of the Nazgul pass their Courage test!

All Nazgul attempt to cast ‘Compel’ on Frodo, two succeed but are resisted by him.

Turn 2.

Evil wins priority.

Start Turn Two

The Nazgul again attempt to ‘Compel’ Frodo this time the 4th attempt succeeds and Frodo puts on the ring and all of the Nazgul rush into combat with Merry and Pippin.

Frodo puts on the Ring
Frodo puts on the Ring










Both hobbits lose their combat but suffer no wounds only a ‘push back’, Pippin is pushed up the stair Merry, unfortunatly, has no where to go so the Nazgul’s attacks are doubled (2), both strike home and Merry crumples to the floor.

The Hobbits.

Frodo passes his Courage test and removes the ring and all 3 remaining Hobbits move up the stair and throw their stones at the Witch King without Effect. Aragron fails to arrive.

Turn 3.

Start Turn 3
Start Turn 3










The Hobbits win Priority move further up the stair and pick up stones.

The Nazgul.

The Witch-King charges into combat with Pippin, and is driven back down the stair!

Turn 4.

Evil gain Priority.

Start Turn 4

The three Nazgul each cast ‘Black Dart’ at Pippin, the first fails, the second is saved by a Fate point and the third sends the Took tumbling fron the stairs!

The Witch-King advances up the stairs.

The H0bbits.

Back away from the Witch-King and throw their stones without effect.

Aragorn arrives!

Turn 5.

Good wins Priority.

Aragorn moves towards one of the Nazgul but fails to make contact! The Hobbits back further away.


The Witch-King moves towards the Hobbits while two more Nazgul move up the stair leaving the third at the foot.

Turn 6

Start turn 6
Start turn 6










Evil wins Priority!


The a Nazgul ‘Compels’ Sam out of the way, the Witch-King ‘Compels’ Frodo to put on the Ring and charges him! The Witch King wins the combat but, as Frodo has nowhere to go takes 2 strikes instead of 1! Frodo uses all of his Fate points but still takes 1 wound!

Frodo puts on the Ring (again)
Frodo puts on the Ring (again)











Aragorn stormed into the Nazgul at the foot of the stairs and dispatched it in one blow (3 actually).

Turn 7

The die roll was a tie so good get Priority.

Aragorn Moves up the stair but fails to make contact with the Nazgul, Sam tries to charge the Witch-King but fails his courage test. Frodo passes his Courage test to remove the Ring.


The Witch-King charges Frodo while Sam is charged by a Nazgul leaving the third to guard the top of the stairs.

Nazgul turn 7
Nazgul turn 7










Sam used his point of Might to win his combat and push back the Nazgul 3″ with the other Nazgul making way, Frodo on the other hand had completely run out of luck again loosing the combat and with nowhere to go took two attacks one stricking home removing his last wound – now at this point I was a little unsure if his two remaining Might points could be used to avoid the wound, by my reading not, but I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and made the roll – he still died!

So with a huge lidless eye graduly rising in the east at last evil has triumphed!


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