Empire Campaign Update

Following his defeat in the east Skreechnor skreechnor led his army back to Narrow Way only to find the force left behind in disarray following the failure to force the pass.

He quickly executed a few generals and sent a force to flank the pass causing the defenders to withdraw.

He set about reorganising his army and formed a new plan, scorched earth, he decided to move into the Empire’s farming heartland of Anolia an lay it waste. The army was split into four and set off along different paths with orders to burn everything and meet at a small settlement called K’tesh.


Meanwhile the Emperor xarl had returned from the Orc wars in the north and gave orders for the Imperial Household troops to march south, he also sent out riders to order all Empire forces to converge on the Imperial standard then he himself set off with the High Guard to rendezvous at a small hamlet called K’tesh.

The stage is set…batrep soon…


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