K’Tesh – Prelude

Order of Battle

The Rats are split over 7 units to arrive randomly (or as I tweek) they number approx. 8430 rats and 14 guns with a total Skull Cleaver points value of 51575.

The Empire are split over 6 units again to arrive randomly, they number approx. 7900 men with some 16 pieces of artillery and a total Skull Cleaver points value of 56501.

Amazingly the two forces are quite close in terms of numbers and points.  The Rats have fewer artillery pieces but they are formed into a Grand Battery, the Empire have 3 seperate batteries. Each Rat base has between 100 and  200 Rats where the Empire range is 50 to 150, the Empire have a distinct advantage in cavalry as the Rats have none.

Generally the Rats are in better ‘shape’,  where as some of the Empire units have travelled a great distance to reach K’Tesh, also due to political considerations neither the Elf or the Dwarf contingents can be completely trusted nor will they co-operate with each other!!

The Empire have two ‘Elite’ contingents, The Emperor’s and Eric’s.

Starting positions:

Eric’s force is the first to arrive and has deployed on the west side of the battlefield behind a plowed field.

A force of Rats has entered the field from the west lead by Skamgut.

The rest of the armies will enter randomly, th Rats from the Southern half of the Field and the Empire from the North.

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