The Battle of Penn Valley

After K’Tesh the Imperials retreated but were hotly pursued by 3 rat infantry columns, to give the shattered Imperial army time to get away a force lead by Marcus the Red made a stand in a small valley called ‘Penn’.


The Valley runs north to south with a small river in the centre and a small settlement on the east bank, small wooded areas dot the valley floor together with some rocky outcrops. A road follows the river in the centre of the valley and crosses it approx. 1/3 of the way up from the south with a small stone bridge. The river is swollen by some heavy rain further north and is only crossable at the bridge or two hidden fords, the locals, now long gone, are the only ones who know the position of the fords others will have to search, one ford is to the north of the bridge the other to the south. To search a unit must remain stationary next to the river, for each unit searching, on the first stationary turn the ford is found on a d6 roll of 1 add one to the die roll each successive turn until the ford is found or the search abandoned.


The Rats win by exiting a unit off the eastern edge of the table the Empire win if they can prevent the Rat win. The level of Rat victory would be determined by how many units exit the table.


Turn’s 1 to 4 saw the 3 rat columns move forward and units move up into position next to the river ready to search for a ford.

The Rat Guard Muskets and Imperial Crossbow on the south of the field traded shots with the Imperials coming of worse!

The Imperial artillery targeted the Ogres on the bridge and routed them; the Rat force in the south discovered a ford and prepared to cross!


Turns 4 to 7 saw the Rat’s discovering  the second ford and partially remove the barricade on the bridge and move a unit over the southern ford covered by the Guard Musketeers!


Turn 9 saw a unit of Men-at-Arms charge and halt the rat musketeers, while the Rat guard on the bridge cleared the last of the barricade but halted in disorder blocking the bridge.


Turns 10-13

Saw fierce hand to hand combat on both flanks with the Imperial Heavy Cav. Forcing the Rat Spear back across the river through the Rat Guard Musketeers disordering them but the cavalry had to withdraw to recover. The rats in the centre remained stalled while the empire forces have temporarily halted the rats in the north at the price of being left exhausted!


Turns 14-20

Although the Empire forces were in poor order and pulling back by turn 16 it was obvious that the Rats were in almost as bad shape and could not win by turn 20 so I declared the Empire the winners gaining desperately needed time for the Emperor to reorganise and re-arm!


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