Adeptus Astartes! (first pass)

Well, I decided to start with my space marines!

I originally started collecting Space Marines back in the Rogue Trader days, so they’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for me.  However, with everyone playing power armoured marines, and the fact I got very much into Eldar has left my marine collection rather in disarray, based on a few big army buys from ebay that have never really been sorted out.

I have Blood Angel terminators from the Space Hulk set, and a slew of Blood Angel commanders painted quite nicely, so it makes sense to sort out a Blood Angels army if possible.  I’m not a big fan of special characters generally, so I’ll try to use those in my “allied” forces where possible, rather than my core army.

Lord Mephiston Brother Corbulo Lord Dante

I was also given a Marneus Calgar and Honor Guard set as a gift by Leonidas so Ultramarines are another strong option.  As I’m a big fan of standard marines, Ultramarines would be a solid way to go too.  Like with the Blood Angels, I’ll probably look at using Marneus as an “allied” 500pt contingent, rather than part of my core force.

In the past, I’m looked at setting up my own marine chapters.  I’d started painting a few marines in purple as my “Imperatoris Aquilae” or Emperor’s Eagles chapter, but I don’t think I’m going to continue there.  I’ve also been looking at a marine chapter called the Argent Eagles, in silver, matching my Grey Knights, so I can share tanks with them, but these are pretty much all unbuilt models, so won’t be included in this first sort out (and possibly not at all, depending on time commitments.  Practicality is the new watchword!)

So, thats two main armies that need to be sorted out – Blood Angels and Ultramarines, with possible allied contingents from both.

In addition, there are a few bonus extras here.  I have a slew of specialist models too, that I’ve always meant to assemble – the deathwatch conversion kit, and a fair few legionnaires of the damned.  I’ll look at possibly setting these up as allied contingents, which would be cool to be able to plug them into other armies.  If they need models to be assembled, though, they’ll be popped aside for my 2nd pass stuff.  I’ve also got a decent core of Imperial Fists that are painted and look pretty cool, so they’ll make up a decent allies contingent for codex:space marines too.

Finally, I also have a whole horde of rogue trader era stuff that I want to sort out as Crimson Fists, based on the original rulebook cover.  As these are effectively a completely different model range though, I’ll look at these separately later.

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