Katerina’s Korps

Well, after doing the Valhallans and Cadians, there were still a fair few mixed troops left, so I looked at a combined guard allies list –  Katerina’s Korps!

Lord Commissar Katerina (with carapace armour, plasma pistol, melta bombs and power sword) – 115pts

Infantry Platoon – 255pts

Command squad, grenade launcher, meltagun

Infantry squad – Flamer, Autocannon

Infantry squad – Flamer, Heavy Bolter

Veteran Squad – Plasma gun, missile launcher, sergeant with shotgun – 100pts

Ratling Squad – 3 snipers – 30pts

Its based on models that were left, as opposed to being a thought out force, but actually looks and feels very mercenary.  I like it.  One note – if I field it with the cadians (for a full 2000pts of pure guard goodness, I have to combine the ratling squads for a valid list, but thats not a major drama!

Here’s Katerina!

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