Imperial Fists

Well, I have a tactical problem!

My plan was to use my reasonably nicely painted imperial fists as a small (500pts) allies force of Marines, to field them with guard or other marine armies to bulk them out or add character.

I finally found the box with the Imperial fists, and as well as the nice command squad, scouts and dreadnaught with assault cannon, I found:

18 marines with bolters

2 with missile launchers, 1 with a heavy bolter

3 with plasma guns

1 with chainsword and bolt pistol

1 with thunderhammer

5 terminators including an assault cannon and cyclone!

I also found a fully lascannoned predator!

Now, none of these are nice – I’d go as far as to say horrid!  However, its a pretty sizeable force!  Do I spray em up in yellow, and deploy an army of Imperial Fists, or do I spray them in blue or red for Blood Angels or Ultramarines?  I have enough bits and pieces that I can probably go either way.

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  1. Yellow may be the best bet, any other colour would need a white ‘mist coat’ first the prevent the underlying colour bleeding through, assuming that you want to keep the extra layers of paint to minimum, of course any metals can be stripped first.
    Depends on how much work you want to put into them, I always try to put the minimum effort into ‘renovated figures’ 😉

  2. Yeah, I was thinking go yellow, but I was trying to weigh that up against having another marine army – I’m already looking at Crimson Fists (with Rogue Trader marines), Ultramarines (which I’ve already sprayed up as smurfs) and potentially the Argent Eagles (for my silver imperial armies of doom, sharing a range of silver vehicles with magnetized icons, including sisters, grey knights and these marines – minimises space for travel!) Add to that a Blood Angel force (based around the space hulk termies), and that’s a lot of different marines!

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