Well, I’ve scrapped the idea of doing Argent Eagles for now, and gone back to my original Ultramarines concept.

I have a commander, an honour guard, three tactical squads, two dreadnaughts, 10 terminators and a rhino spraypainted smurf blue!

I plan to paint them with the simple concept below:

spacemarineBasically, its to do the joints, cable and gun with mithril silver, trim and ornamentation in shining gold, and purity seals and eyes in red.  I’m not sure how to do the trim on the guns – classically that’s red for ultramarines, but I think that’s too gaudy – might go gold matching the trim, go all silver, or black..  Squad signs and ultramarine insignia in white.

After I’ve done those colours over the blue basecoat, I’ll add transfers, then just army painter dip, I think.  No drybrushing or shading.  Keep it clean!

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