Apocalypse – Phoenix Court of Khaine

Well, in addition to the other army lists, I can also field the Phoenix Court of Khaine in its entirety!  w00t!

6 Pheonix Lords and a boosted Avatar – It’d be fun to see how they did against an entire standard army by themselves – its about 1500pts (1455pts, to be precise, without any exarch traits on the Avatar!).

How cool is that?


4 Replies to “Apocalypse – Phoenix Court of Khaine”

  1. I dunno! Probably not unless some sort of major apocalypse game was planned (and it’d have to be a really major full weekender!)

    Nice to have the flexibility though of different army types. Given some spending on new models (for yet more eldar!!!), I’d evolve the Iyanden to be a proper eldar undead type force, Saim-hann to be all about mobility and fast movement, and keep Alaitoc to be a more general Craftworld force, with the aspect warriors force as a more elite all-rounder too.

    I think with the exception of the imperial guard, its hard to find such a flexible army list.

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