Harlequin Allies (Eldar list)

Well, I’ve been looking at the Harlequins to see what I can do to use them as an allies list, and I think I’ve come up with a list I’ve happy with.  Its 501pts, which is a point over the 500pts I allocate, but as my main lists are generally at least a point under, that isn’t a problem

500pts (501pts) Harlequin Allies (Eldar Codex)


Autarch (Harlequin on Jetbike) – Eldar Jetbike, Power Weapon, Reaper Launcher (for the shuriken cannon on the jetbike) – 130pts


Harlequin Troupe (New Harlequin models) – Troupe Master with pistol and power weapon, harlequin with pistol and close combat weapon, 2 x harlequins with kiss and pistol, 2 x harlequins with fusion pistols and close combat weapons – 156pts


Storm Guardians (old harlequin models) – 8 harlequins with close combat weapon and pistol, 2 with flamers (warlock models) – 100pts


2 x Vypers with Brightlances – 2 venom models with death jester with brighlance on board – 120pts


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