Earlier this year as the weather got hotter and drier I once again turned on the watering systems and fixed the various problems, blockages, kinks in the pipes and a number of leaks. One of the hose runs takes the mains water from the front of the property to a pressure reduction valve to water the vegetable patch, a run of almost 50 meters (stay with me here we’ll get to gaming soon!). Well the aforementioned hose  was springing a leak almost every week and I decided that the only thing to do was to move the pressure reduction valve to the front of the property and lay a new (low pressure) hose all the way. To that end when we took my Brother, Cousin and their wives back to the airport in mid June we went to the store and got 50 meters of low pressure hose and I undertook to lay the hose as soon as the time was right.

Now I have two gaming tables each 6 feet by four feet (I told you we’d get to gaming, now just wait to link it to above!). The two tables fit together in a variety of configurations and are very useful, when not in use they reside behind my desk/workbench. Unfortunately its not straightforward to get the tables, or table out, especially if the workbench is full of ‘in-progress’, also its a bit overkill to get out a 6 foot by 4 foot table to play a game that only requires a ‘standard size map’ 34 inches by 22 inches!

I got a small fold-up table from Lidl and although it is not big enough to play a 34×22 map it was very useful.

So this morning we decided to go into town early as Sue wanted to go to the market and I decided to go to the wood shop and get a top to fit over the Lidl plastic table to take ‘standard’ size map. Now when I say ‘wood shop’ I’m not talking B&Q depot or some other mega store, this is a guy who does woodworking and sells wood. The shop has all the power tools required to work wood in an industrial capacity has a reasonable stock of wood and has absolutely piles and piles of off-cuts, that means if you only want a small piece it doesn’t cost a lot!!!

I wanted a piece 60cm x 90cm and after rummaging round various piles in various rooms and discussing (as well as we could as my technical Greek is non-existent and the proprietor speaks little English) I settled for 16mm MDF. The piece was cut and all four sides trimmed to razor sharp edges and exact size for the grand some of 6 euros.

Now within an hour of arriving home I had lightly sanded the MDF and had applied the first coat of varnish to the top and sides, I took an hour because I stopped for coffee and to scan through this months Wargames Illustrated that I picked up from the post office while in town. So two coats of varnish on each side and plenty of time for the varnish to harden off and the new gaming table top should be ready to use over the weekend!

The Hose? well that’s top of my list and will be done as soon as the time is right.

Priorities you see 😉

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  1. Awesome work, sir!

    I have a fold out picnic table I was hoping to get out in the garden for some solo space hulk this summer, but no luck so far!

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