The Eldar craftworlds awaken!

Well, this weekend I hope to find the time to sort out my Eldar forces in line with the new Codex (and/or Iyanden supplement). According to the old codex, I have around 5000pts of painted Eldar – I honestly have no idea how many more unpainted Eldar I have, but I’d suspect at least that again! (especially as I have all the phoenix lords except Karandras unpainted!)

I intend to sort out several ready to go forces in line with my current strategy (and take into account the various colours my forces are painted in, which do somewhat vary! Most are painted in blue and yellow – matching Iyanden and Alaitoc colours.  That actually includes the aspect warriors too!  However, I do have a fair few in the red and white of saim-hann, and some more traditional aspect warriors.

My thinking is currently to try to put together a predominantly wraith-based force for Iyanden, using the supplement, a mainly aspect warrior based force for Alaitoc, and a mixed force for Saim-hann, but I’ll need to see which models I have available.  They really won’t be optimised forces, but should look very pretty! 🙂


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