More DE

I’m still in the ‘prototyping’ stage so here’s  the output so far:-


Warrior SybariteDSCF0101




Incubi (old style) These started out black with grey trim, so I just dry-brushed yellow and applied the green wash and some small details


Warrior in RedDSCF0105

Wych – this figure already had a bit of paint on it so it’s ended up lookinh a bit ‘thick’


I’ve also stripped 3 old style Hellions to use testing the colours on (small) vehicles, if they go well I’ll try something larger!

2 Replies to “More DE”

  1. I love the green and yellow. That Archon looks pure evil! The red looks good on the wyches as a blood drenched look though!

    Would it be worth using more of that bone colour you use on the weapons and cloth across both types as a unifying spot colour for fielding the red and green/yellow together?

  2. It doesn’t show well in the pictures but I’m going to standardise all weapons as black/brass or base colour/brass and all cloth other than banners will a sort of flayed flesh colour, for skin (where it shows) I’m going to do a rotting flesh base with pale flesh highlights.

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