Numenera is here!

Last year, I backed Monte Cooks Kickstarter project for a new roleplaying game – Numenera!  Its a great concept, and though I’m yet to actually manage to get a game in, the PDF copies I opted for are amazing (filled with illustrations and stories as well as the top notch game architecture).

What do I particularly like?  Well, for me, the two really intriguing points that make this stand out are:

a)  The world.  Post apocalyptic worlds where science and magic overlap are a favorite of mine – and this is the ninth world!  Eight worlds have been and gone – thats a lot of different inspiration and variety.  The stories and adventures seem top notch, making it a fascinating place with a lot of freedom for a GM.

b)  The system.  I really like the way it integrates spending effort with health – the harder you work, the more you tire and the faster you run out of steam.  Go all out to lift that heavy door?  Fine … but you’ll be tired when you reach combat.  Concentrate hard to dispel an illusion – cool!  But you’ll be mentally fatigues when it comes to fighting off that psychic attack.  Its brilliant.  It makes resting far more important, and also makes players think a heck of a lot more tactically.  Spend the effort at the start of an adventure and run out later?  Will you get a chance to rest?  I love it.

I thoroughly recommend at least taking a look!


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