The Fall of Cawandir Prime – Mini campaign

+++ Coded transmission, Epsilon Clearance, Code Vermillion Recognition.  Ave Imperius! +++

Is anyone there?  We need assistance.  We need it now!  Corrupt Astartes battle barges have moved into orbit and are assaulting the Telemundi, the main librarius complex for this sub-sector.  Local forces are unable to hold, and the Imperial Fists contingent has ceased responding to communications.  We need ..

Wait … what was

+++ Transmission ends +++

This is a short, escalating two part campaign, featuring Chaos Space Marines, Imperial Marines, and Eldar.

A proud lord of a Thousand Sons cabal has been tracking cyphered texts containing a summoning ritual for a powerful daemon of Tzeentch, Lord Machtwechsel the Allseeing, Master of the Thousand Horrors. The daemon’s legions, and his bound allies from the other powers, notably Slaanesh, will engulf a planet and provide the summoning sorcerer with tremendous power – perhaps even enough to unbind some of the Rubricae from their chains of dust.

The books have been taken to Cawandir Prime, the Administratum headquarters for the Nebulos Subsector, and filed in the depths of the local librarius.  Gathering his cabal, and calling on the warp for allies, the sorcerer lord assaults the planets, hoping for a quick and successful raid.  Unfortunately, the fickle whims of fate, or the Emperor’s will has intervened.  A force of Imperial Fists are garrisoned on the planet, and though outnumbered, they will never yield, and will fight against the Excommunicate Traitoris until victory or defeat. Joining them are a small force of Eldar, who are checking the possible skeins of the future their farseer predicted.

Gathering the Ritual

This is a 1850 point scenario – details TBD

+++ Coded transmission, Epsilon Clearance, Code Vermillion Recognition.  Excommunicate Traitoris – Exterminatus Xenos+++

The Astartes … they are using witchcraft!  And xenos are coming from the mountains!  Please, if you don’t help soon, we’ll all ….

+++ Transmission ends +++

In the aftermath of the battle, the Imperial Fists are a spent force, win or lose.  They cannot hope to face the gathering Thousand Sons, as more battle barges arrive in orbit. However, with the Eldar scouting force confirming the worst fears of their farseer, a long sealed webway gate is opened, and the forces of the Eldar arrive to face the gilded azure legionnaires.  Knowing the ritual will summon not only Tzeentchian hell, but also slaaneshi daemons, dooming the souls of countless nearby exodites, their craftworld commits a tremendous force. An ancient power and corrupt super humans will battle for the sake of their army’s souls.

Facing the Fury

This is a 3000 point scenario – details TBD


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