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  1. Next steps will be to silver the weapons and add red trim. After that, if I get time, I’ll add green highlights, flesh for faces and stone colours for terminator icons and purity seals.

  2. My plan is to phase the painting. First step will be to get red and silver on there, so I’ll have basic tournament compliant 3 colours.

    Next step will be to detail and base with green, brown, stone and flesh

    Third step will be to dip in quickshade.

    Final step will be to add Imperial Fists transfers.

    I figure that will get me to a basic gaming standard pretty quickly, and leave the army consistent for the table quite early on.

  3. Really? I was worried that it would dirty up the transfers (particularly with the fists black on brilliant white). I was think apply the transfers afterwards and seal them with a manual touch of gloss varnish.

  4. Actually, very good call. I keep slipping out of “get em painted for the tabletop” mode, and into “lets add just one more detail” mode instead. Doing the transfer first saves a complete varnishing step, and looks pretty much as good. If I was painting a display army, it’d make more sense (but I probably wouldn’t be quick shading then anyway!). Must stay on target!

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