40K Progress for #WargamesWednesday

Well, though not going as fast as I’d like, I’m making some real progress with my Imperial Fists.  My terminators are ready to take the field, as is my Predator.  The core troops are slowly getting updated, and will hopefully all be at least three colour minimum by Saturday in order to take the field.


I’m painting up the fists primarily as the 3rd company (as evidenced by earlier posts), and by chance it looks like the Sentinels of Terra Codex Supplement for the Fists is going to be focussed on the 3rd!  Result there 🙂

On Saturday, we should be playing an 1850pts game to open, with Imperial Fists facing Thousand Sons (Altar of War Chaos Space Marines – The Artifact) followed by Eldar facing Thousand Sons and Chaos Daemons at 3000pts (Altar of War Eldar – Fatal Strike).  Should be fun!

I still keep eying up the Dropzone Commander box set, and the new Dark Elf models look fantastic too!

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