Epic Stuff!

While I was going through some drawers looking for ‘stuff’ (see Unfinished Business post) and I dug these out, they too form part of my ‘Unfinished Business’ but have relevance to the map, see below:-

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Now the map below is the first cut of a 1.2m x 1.6m map that will be printed onto 25 A4 pages, the second cut will be adjusted so that each major piece of terrain falls into one A4 sheet and roads, trails, rivers etc. run off each page in a consistent manner so as to allow the pages to be re-arranged to form a new map! I also need to adjust some of the colours (the background used to be green!) to create contrast and minimize ink usage.

Now the hexes are 37mm across just the right size to fit the Aeronautica flight stands! I originally wanted a map to play an aerial combat game but decided to expand the detail to allow Epic battles as well.

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