Imperial Fists Kill Team

Imperial Fists Kill Team – 200/200pts

The Imperial Fists rely on exact bolter fire to decimate the opposition.  When an enemy target must be taken out, none do better than the elite – the Sternguard of the 1st Company, whose range of weaponry, precise fire and lethal ammunition can annhilate almost any foe.

Unlike many Sternguard squads, Squad Nikon is geared for assault missions, laden with various flame weapons.  At range or in close quarters, they get the job done.

Sternguard Squad Nikon – 120pts

Sergeant Nikon (Veteran Sergeant) – Powerfist and Plasma Pistol (40pts)

Brother Nereus – Combi-plasma (10pts)

Brother  Leontios – Combi-flamer (10pts)

Brother Iason – Combi-flamer (10pts)

Brother Hilarion – Heavy Flamer (10pts)

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