My thoughts on the new Tyranids Codex

Well, having read through the new Tyranids codex, I’m not terribly impressed.  Why, you may ask?  Well, there are several reasons, and they aren’t generally related to the army list performance – until you take it for a spin, you really can’t tell whether its good or bad.

What are the main flaws for me?

1)  The fluff

The sixth edition codices have done a phenomenal job on the whole pf pushing the background of 40K another step forward.  The Space Marine codex was particularly good, as was Tau Empire.  This codex? I didn’t feel I learnt anything new about my Nids!

Where did they originate?  Were they originally a bioweapon, and if so, who created them?  If they are all part of the same hive mind, rather than a different mind for each fleet, why would Tyranids fight each other?  All the other races have a certain amount of rivalry or dissension built in to explain internal conflicts in the game, whether it’s ancient hatreds or just training exercises.  If each hive fleet was a unique mind, then competition for resources covers it – one mind fighting itself seems a bit silly.

How many more waves are there likely to be?  How widespread is gene stealer infiltration?  Has Kryptman discovered anything new to give the Imperium a chance?  Why would Necrons without organic parts be of any interest to Tyranids who are only interested in biomass?

I don’t know!  I feel the same fluff was thrown up again, rather than added to or reworked.

2)  Irritating Model Choices

One of the cool options for Tyrannids was the Drop Spores – effectively living drop pods for units that would act as living weapons too.  GW never produced a model, but many people built their own or bought alternatives from third parties.

This option is gone from the list entirely.  That’s rubbish, and a bit of a kick in the teeth for a more dedicated long term player.  I’m not dedicated enough to have done that, so it doesn’t affect me directly, but it does annoy me – I liked the whole concept of living pods fired from the hive fleet – its a key part of the Tyranid art and imagery in various books.

3)  The list itself

I haven’t tried it, but there are several choices that just feel lazy in the list to promote the new models.  My current list is a close combat monster … which isn’t ideal for the paradigm in 6th … but is totally helpless against flyers.  What have we to counter fliers now?  Well, not much except take our own new flyer model.

Its not a total surprise, but I’m really disappointed, as I felt that biovores and spore mines would be able to work in that role – imagine if spores were particularly effective against flyers as they bobbed around.  It’d be fun as flyers would need to try to bank around the spores, biovores would become much more useful, and it’d feel very 40k to have to dodge living floating mines!

So yeah, I feel that whether or not the whole list is effective, the construction of the army list itself was phoned in.

Worst 6th edition codex release so far – I’ve really enjoyed reading every other release.

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