The Dark Eldar arrive

Days after posting about finishing the Imperial Fists as my main goal, my hobby ADD seems to have kicked in already…. and a full Dark Eldar army is winging its way to me via ebay.  This consists of:

  • 3x raiders (2 need minor repairs)
  • 1x ravager
  • 1x talos pain engine
  • 9x revear jetbikes
  • 20x wyches (need minor repairs)
  • 1x succubus (finecast)
  • 1x archon (finecast)
  • 5x incubi (metal)
  • 36x warriors
  • 2 custom cases from KR multicass
  • 1x codex: Dark Eldar
  • 1x box mandrakes (metal) unbuilt
  • 1x venom unopened
  • 1x wyches unopened

Thats quite a few DE!  Of course, I don’t know their current exact load out, but it should be fun!  I must stay the course, though – finishing the Imperial Fists comes first! Honest…..

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