The Necrons Revive!

Well, I actually got some hobby time yesterday, and with #hobbyADD in full swing, I decided not to do any work on my Imperial Fists!  Instead, I pulled all my Necrons out, fixed any breakages, combined the various painted forces, and worked out lists according to my schema!

I have roughly 3500pts of Necrons (though I doubt they’d stack up well competitively without newer models and flyers).  2 C’Tan, a monolith, 96 Warriors, 2 Overlords, 2 Destroyer Lords, 6 Destroyers, 26 Scarab bases, a Canoptek Spyder, 2 Canoptek Wraiths and, last AND least, 7 Flayed ones.  Basically, my standard armies of the Necrontyr will involve a horde of warriors (3-4 glancing hits will kill vehicles, so thats anti vehicle/antiair), a monolith (already solid, but with a spider fixing it and generating more scarabs, even better!) and a few destroyers for fast response.

Behold the awesome forces of Tombworld Necrosis

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