Well, as always it appears my ability to hobby butterfly is distracting me again, as I dabble with smurfs! The ultramarines are coming, after a lucky eBay bid.

I got my blue base coated marines out too, and in total I have…

5 tactical squads (10 men, sergeant, flamer, missile launcher)
2 assault squads (5 men – 1 has plasma pistol and flamer, other has a powerfist)
1 devastator squad (2xplasma cannons, las cannon, multimelta, plasma pistol)
2 terminator squads (8 man, one has heavy flamer)
Command squad with champion and apothecary
2x captains
Marneus calgar and honour guard
4 x Dreadnaughts (assault cannon and flamer, las cannons, multimeltax2)
Razorback (or rhino) with las cannons
Drop pod
Land raider crusader



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