Crimson Slaughter

Well, a while ago I picked up a force of Chaos Space Marines painted in Red.  The paint job was OK, so I haven’t done a huge amount with them – I had them as my “Retinue of the Ruby Dawn“, and then was considering repainting the shoulder pads – instead of a mix of chaos gods, I was looking at going with “World Eaters“.  Now though, especially as I have the models from the current Dark Vengeance set, I think I’m going to field them as the Crimson Slaughter, especially as there is a new Codex due out for them.

Here is the current force:

Adding a helbrute, a unit of chosen and another Chaos Lord should help, and there are a few other options I might look at juggling round – I have a LOT of unassembled chaos forces.

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  1. I have painted Khorne berserkers if you have not nicked them already. I have to say I don’t think anyone was wanting or expecting this supplement. Where are the legions you read the hearsy books and you want to play your favourite bad guys. Though I think this would make okay world bearers With possessed as troops suit the red thing too

    1. I think if it was proper chaos renegades, with a bit more marine kit and a little less long term chaos, it’d be a really good angle. I think it’s just trying to get new players to move up from the starter set.

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