Imperial Fists – Progress?

Well, though I haven’t progressed much, I have got a few things ready!

In addition to the three tactical squads waiting on the workbench, I’ve primed in Army Painter Daemonic Yellow:

  • Captain Lysander
  • A Devastator squad
  • A Sternguard Squad
  • A Stormtalon

That will take me into heady heights of actually having an army … with a flyer, once actually painted.

At the moment, I have painted:

  • A Captain with Lightning Claw and Storm Bolter
  • A Command squad with banner, meltgun, power fist, champion and apothecary
  • A Scout Squad with sniper rifles
  • 2 painted sergeants

Thats not a lot!  In process, at a three colour minimum standard (waiting transfers, washes and varnishing):

  • A dreadnaught with assault cannon or lascannons
  • A Predator
  • A squad of Terminators with Assault Cannon

And on the work bench, with just yellow and a few touches:

  • 28 tactical marines
  • a dreadnaught with lascannons and missile launcher

Thats a pretty reasonable force once complete.  If I can get things assembled and up to a 3 colour minimum I’d be happy to get them on the field – I think my enthusiasm to finish them will go up once I see them in battle!

For fluff, I think I’d really like a vindicator and some assault terminators, but they aren’t high on my list!  A couple of rhinos to carry troops to the front under siege are more tempting in the shorter term.

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