The Order of the Verdant Garden – Adepta Sororitas Codex update

The Order of the Verdant Garden was formed on the planet of Illustroma Majoris VI, in the aftermath of a tremendous conflict against a heretical rebellion.  Members of many orders of the Adeptus Sororitas headed to the planet,  but the naval ships carrying them were destroyed.  After the destruction of the rebels, the Sisters of Battle were at a loss – without naval or astropathic support, there was no way to leave the troubled world.  Joining together as a single force, the Adeptus Sororitas formed the order of the Verdant Garden, which maintained peace throughout the Illustroma Majoris system for over a thousand years before the Administratum sent a expeditionary force to check on the planet.

With such a length of tradition and roots on the world, the Ecclesiarchy granted their petition to stay as an independent order … something their founding orders do not necessarily agree with!

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Canoness Lilith

The current leader of the Order of the Verdant Garden, Lilith is battle scarred and fiercely proud of her Order and accomplishments.  Some claim too proud…

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Canoness with Bolt Pistol and Power Sword, Rosarius and Melta bombs, with Cloak of St. Aspira (121pts)

Canoness Jessica

Jessica is Lilith’s heir apparent, and the normal leader of the Order of the Verdant Garden on the battlefields of the 41st Millennium.  Purging the heretic is her soul concern, though a cheeky grin, sense of humour and fearless approach make her an inspiration to the Adepta Sororitas.

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Canoness with Inferno Pistol and Blade of Admonition, Rosarius, Meltabombs, Mantle of Ophelia (155pts)

Sororitas Command Squad – The Evangelists

Followers of Saint Evangeline’s devine creed, these sisters follow her example and strive to emulate her perfection in battle.  They ride in the ancient immolator known as Puritas.

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Command Squad with Multimelta, Flamer, Storm Bolter, Plasma Pistol, Immolator with twin linked multimelta (160pts)

The Living Saint Evangeline

During the War of Sedition, Canoness Evangeline sacrificed herself to save a whole company of Adeptus Sororitas.  Sorely treated by her captors, she smiled serenely and detonated a hidden melta bomb, annihilating the rebellious command.  Over a thousand years later, she survives by the will of the Emperor, her eyes blinded to world around her, as she follows his divine guidance to aid her Sisters throughout the galaxy.

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Saint Celestine – 135 points


The Penitent Daughters

Some sisters lose their way, or believe that the ways of their original Orders are superior to the combined knowledge of the Order of the Verdent Garden.  These sisters are sorely chasitised, sworn to silence, and sent to the repentence abbeys.  Chaperoned in battle by Mistress Superior Demetra, they destroy all in their paths with their eviscerators.

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6 Sisters Repentia and a Mistress of Repentance with meltabombs (118pts)


Sisters of the Bloody Rose

The Sisters of the Bloody Rose believe firmly in the purifying virtues of flame, and as such carry flamers to destroy the very memory of infidelity to the Emperor.  Riding a rhino into battle, Veteran Superior Jeanna leads the Bloody rose to fiery victory

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Battle Sister Squad with Veteran Superior with Meltabombs,  Two Flamers, and a Rhino (185).

Sisters of the Azure Bolts

These sisters believe solely in the virtues of the holy bolter, using the shocking sound and damage to destroy the most zealous of traitors.  Led by Veteran Superior Pella, they cut down Xenos and Heretics from their Rhino.

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Battle Sister Squad with Veteran Superior with Meltabombs,  Two Storm Bolters, and a Rhino (185).

Fast Attack

The Angels of Vengeance

The Angels of Vengeance are trained in the use of jump packs and multiple weapons to smite the enemy from the skies.  Saint Evangeline was orginally from their ranks.  They are led by Seraphim Superior Olivia, who leads their number to countless victories.

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Seraphim Squad with 2 twin hand flamers and four additional seraphim, and a power weapons and meltabombs for the sister superior (170 points).

Sisters of Domination

These sisters are ready to crush the enemy with a combination of bolter and flame.  They are the finest warriors seconded from the abbeys of the Bloody Rose and Azure Bolts, and this is signified by their robes of purple.  Led by the Dominion Superior Lucia, whose faith is second to none, they specialise in ambush and weakening the enemy line.  They ride the Immolator known as Infernus, and bring destruction to the Emperor’s foes.

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Dominion Superior with Power Maul, combo-flamer and meltabombs, sister with bolter, 2 storm bolters, 2 flamers, Immolator with twin linked multi-meltas

Heavy Support

Sisters of Alabaster Purity

The Sisters of Alabaster Purity are the most devout of all the general abbeys.  They can take the field as humble battle sisters, but are all trained in the ways of heavier weapons, allowing them to take the field as Retributor Squads instead, depending on the situation.  Led by Retributor Superior Linda, they destroy the enemy from afar.

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Retributor Squad with 6 bolters, two heavy bolters and a simulcrum imperialis, and a power axe and melta bombs for the sister superior (180pts)


Refutor is an ancient Exorcist tank, dating from a time when functionality was favored over function.   It has survived hundreds of years of warfare, bringing death to the heretics.

2014-05-07 20.28.47

Exorcist with Extra Armour (135 points)


Mortis is an ancient Exorcist tank, dating from a time when functionality was favored over function.   It is designed to defend the Adeptus Sororitas from sneak attacks, with brilliant white searchlights breaking the night.

2014-05-07 20.29.05

Exorcist with extra armour (135 points)



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