#WAACPainting – Time to up my painting game!

Well, as you can see from @docbungle‘s post here:

#WAAC update 2

A new phase of #WAAC (Wargamers All Against Cancer) has begun – #WAACPainting.  A £5 donation to Macmillan Nurses is the cost of entry, and there will be some nifty prizes to be won.  Of course, there are some fantastic painters out there, so while I don’t expect to win, I’d rather not embarrass myself.

My normal style of painting is very much aimed at the tabletop.  I spray a base colour from Army Painter, priming at the same time.  I then do a basic set of details, depending on the complexity of the model, often chuck a quick dry brush over a few block colours, then add any decals, then to an Army Painter quickshade, varnishing and shading all in one.  That just isn’t going to cut the mustard here!

The deadline is August 22nd, so I thought I’d post up my adventures in painting techniques here as I experiment (and relearn old techniques!)  The only vague guideline is that the Macmillan Nurses green will be looked upon favourably.

Where is that sisters hospitallar I need to paint for my green Adepta Sororitas – the Order of the Verdant garden? 🙂

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