My #WAACPainting Progress (update 1) – Early Planning

In the past, I’ve never been great at planning my painting.  It’s very much a “get it done” approach, following fairly standard colours.  This is the first time I’m really thinking of a specific model for the best paint job I can do.

Lets start by looking at the competition.  It’s for Wargamers All Against Cancer, raising money for Macmilan nurses.  Although that’s not necessarily relevant, there have been a couple of mentions that the McMillan green will be judged favourably.  There are no limits on models or dioramas.

Now, while building a diorama would be cool, it’d require a lot of scratch building skills, and unfortunately my hobby time is pretty limited.  A single miniature is realistically the best I can do, I think.

There’s no requirement to theme things further, but I like the idea of tying things together a little more, and doing a healing character of some kind.  An actual nurse or apothecary, for example.  Finally, while I hope it’ll be display quality, I’d like to use the model in games, so tying it to an existing army I collect would be good.

I thought about getting McMournings crew for malifaux, and painting the dark nurses there, but that seemed a touch inappropriate, and difficult to theme with the green.  For 40K, I first thought of an apothecary, but the main colour is again white, and though a Salamanders work bring in the green, I don’t collect them.

However, an Adepta Sororitas Sister Hospitaller does hit the same healer pattern, and I collect a sisters army in green – the Order of the Verdant Garden.

So we have our chosen model, and the army gives an appropriate colour scheme – white, green and silver.  Next step, pick a more exact range of colours, and look for a decent set of resin bases to set off the model as nicely as possible.image

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