Why are people leaving or downsizing their 40K hobby?

With the upcoming release of the 7th edition of Warhammer 40K, I’ve seen a steady stream of armies being sold, and people retiring from 40k.   Weirdly, none of it seems to be the normal rage quits at the release of a new edition.

There seem to be three main reasons:

1)  People have been drifting away from the 40K hobby a little anyways, and spending a lot of money for new rules has made them rethink whether to continue, or at the least whether to reduce their collection.  There may be life changes involved, like babies, or people passing, that have helped induce the rethink, but the change in the edition has been a good point to draw a line.

2)  Ladies are increasingly unhappy with the move away from any sort of representation in the game.  With Sisters of Battle all effectively shelved and priced out of the market as metal figures, even for direct order, there are almost no female models left.  Eldar and Dark Eldar have a few, though Dark Eldar tend to lean toward bikini babes rather than seriously mean women, and even those are underrepresented in the command teams.  A few of us on twitter discussed the character options – in the whole game, there are just 5 named female characters in all the army lists, and only three (Lelith, Shadowsun and Celestine have models – most expect lady malys and inquisitor Valeria to be dropped).

3)  Rather than any sort of rage at the rules changes, the main stress point seems to be the frequency of the rules releases.  £50 for the rules to enable you to buy hundreds of pounds of miniatures every 2 years, especially as for many it can take a few months to get back up to speed?  And thats before you drop £30-£35 on the latest codex, optionally another £30 for a supplement if you want to play a specific version of your force, and perhaps another £5-£20 for relevant data slates if you want to field any classic formations.    The lack of stability, rather than any particular change, is causing some issues.  Rules used to be updated every 6 years.  That dropped to 4 – now its down to 2.  I think about every 3-4 years is a good balance of codex updates and rules changes myself.

I think the changes people are talking about in 7th will be fun and seem to make quite a bit of sense if the general leaks are true.  If the Adepta Sororitas keep vanishing, and another edition is released in a year or two, I’ll probably start moving away too – Malifaux and Warmarchine are looking more and more appealing!

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