My #WAACPainting Progress (update 2) – Fighting #HobbyADD

I have, as yet, not even primed my chosen model for my painting entry, and #HobbyADD has already begun to cause problems.  I started looking at resin bases for my entry…. and then the problems started.

“Ohh, they look nice.  I could rebase all my Celestians and Canoness to match”

“Ohh, I use my Celestians as a command squad sometimes.  Perhaps I should get a dedicated command squad together?  I could enter the whole squad”.

“What if I got a new immolator for the command squad too?  It could looks amazing as an entry!”

“I could get some casualty models and a large resin base as a little diorama!”

No.  I have limited hobby time, and this is exactly why my projects fail so often – I get overexcited, expand the scope too much, then get overwhelmed and unsuccessful.   One model, painted to the best of my ability – stick to the plan!

On the progress side, I’m between either using a Sisters of Battle appropriate base – with a fleur de lys somewhere about, or going more generic with a nice battlefield one.

Warmill are supposed to reopen today with a nice Felur De Lys base pack here

Gladius Game Arts have a nice line in Sci-Fi lab bases, which I think could double up nicely for a hospital vibe – appropriate for the Sisters Hospitallar.

Or if I just go more to match existing bases and my games table, I could go for a raised rock approach.

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