My #WAACPainting Progress (Update 6!)

Well, my glacially slow progress continues!  The cloaks have been painted black, then green, and faces have been highlighted with a light bone colour (and parchment on the Dialogus filled in bone colour too!).  Here’s a group shot.

2014-06-22 11.34.26Here’s a close up of the Sister Hospitaller:

2014-06-22 11.36.39

And I really like how the faces have come together for my other Celestians.  I’m not great at faces normally, but I’m reasonably happy with this!

2014-06-22 11.36.04Next steps are to block out gun metal generally, start moving the blue towards white, and start layering the dark green.  Still not onto much detail work bar the faces yet, but it feels like its coming together!


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