Attack of the Ultramarines! The 5th Company takes the field.

Well, I have sorted out my Ultramarines to see what I can field as a painted force.  Its actually a pretty solid fun force that should match Saint Aidan’s Thousand Sons pretty well!

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Lets break down the list, and the fluff!  The fifth company are currently based in the Strike Cruiser Seditio Opprimere, tasked with intercepting a chaos cruiser targeting the outlying regions of the Ultramar sector.  The Master of the Marches will not tolerate this interference!  Much of his company is already committed to guarding various key worlds, so only some core troops and a few seconds from the 1st and 9th companies, Caito Galenus goes to war.

As a note, the standard 1850 point list here is to remove the dreadnoughts Cassius Charea and Julius Canus, and two standard terminators, taking the 2146pt force down to 1846pts!


Captain Caito Galenus, Master of the Marches (125pts) – Grav Pistol, Artificer Armour, Bolt Gun

Caito is a marine with a lot to prove.  As Captain of the last of the main battle companies and only recently promoted, he feels that the other Captains are watching his performance.  Keen to live up to the title Master of the Marches, he is perhaps prone to over zealous defence of the outlying regions of Ultramar rather than focussing on the needs of the Imperium.


Dreadnaught – Lucius Artorius, Hero of the 5th Company (130pts) – Assault Cannon, Power Fist with Heavy Flamer

Captain Lucius fell in battle against the Thousand Sons around 3 millennia ago, in an attempt to prevent the capture of an ancient book of secrets.  He fell in a last ditch attempt to defend the shrine, crushing the helm of the chaos sorcerer leading the charge with his power fist.  Once seen as a potential Chapter Master, his wisdom still guides the 5th company to glory.  There is so tension between him and Caito – Caito feels he is second guessing the new leader of the 5th.

Dreadnaught (seconded from 9th Company) – Cassius Chaerea (100pts) – Multimelta, Powerfist with stormbolter

Ironclad Dreadnaught (seconded from 9th company) – Marcus Curtius (145pts) – Powerfist with heavy flamer, Seismic hammer with meltagun

Ironclad Dreadnaught (seconded from 9th company) – Julius Canus (145pts) – Powerfist with heavy flamer, Seismic hammer with meltagun

Terminator Squad Praxus aka “The Steadfast” (seconded from 1st Company) (240pts) – Sergeant Praxus, 6 storm bolters and powerfists


Tactical Squad Scaevola, aka “The Steel Rain” (230pts) – Veteran Sergeant Gaius Scaevola with bolt pistol and chainsword, 7 marines with bolters, Flamer, Missile Launcher with Flakk, Drop Pod (aka Lucifer) with Deathstorm Missile Launcher

The “Steel Rain” are firm adherents to the Codex Astartes, following Gulliman’s advice rigidly.  They particularly favour arial assault, disrupting enemy lines and taking key objectives ahead of support.

Tactical Squad Sextius, aka “the Broken Wing” (265pts) – Veteran Sergeant Titus Sextius  with combi-melta and chainsword, 7 marines with bolters,  Heavy Bolter and Flamer, Razorback (aka Pallasii) with twin linked lascannon, hk missile, storm bolter

The Broken Wing are the mavericks of the 5th Company, favouring non standard tactics and load outs.  They normally break into combat squads working with the Razorback Pallasii to ensure maximum damage and mobility on the field.

Fast Attack

Assault Squad Tacitus, aka “Lightning” (120pts) – Veteran Sergeant Cornelius Tacitus with Powerfist, 4 marines with bolt pistol and chainsword

Although new to command of a unit, transferring from a vanguard squad, Cornelius is a genius slated to take command of a company one day.  Charismatic and intelligent, his decisive interventions have saved the 5th company several times already.

Biker Squad Corvus, aka “The Heavy” (166pts) – Veteran Sergeant Marcus Corvus, 3 bikers, 2 bikers with grav guns.

Marcus Corvus loves gravity weapons.  The effect on armour, the look, the glow.  Pairing that with his fast reflexes, mounting his tactical squad on bikes for fast moving interception of heavy armour simply makes sense.  His unit have become know as the heavy, both for the grav guns and the damage they wreck on the foes heavy units.

Heavy Support

Devastator Squad Labienus aka “The Hawkeyes”(155pts) – Veteran Sergeant Quintus Labienus, Lascannon, Multimelta, 2 Plasma Cannons

Quintus has been leading the Hawkeyes for two centuries now, and his long range kills almost rival Sergeant Telion.  Passed over for higher command due to his lack of initiative, he is quietly competent and content smiting the emperor’s foes from afar.

Land Raider Crusader – Harengus (270pts) – Multimelta

Harengus is the pride of the 5th company.  An ancient Land Raider that has seen direct service since the 35th Millennium, it has carried captains, champions and refugees safely across a thousand battlefields.  Refitted for the Crusader weaponry, it now bears the Terminators of the 1st company as a bodyguard for the Captain into battle.

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