Orks! Working out a Waargh!

Well, my Ork enthusiasm has left me with what looks like a plethora of Green goodness … so I’ll need to work out some sort of list to put together with it all!

I have had several sets of Orks from Assault on Black Reach lurking in my garage for the day when the Waargh took me (3 sets, I believe!) – that’s 60 Orks, 9 Deffkoptas, 15 Nobs and 3 Warbosses.

I also have a chunk of Rogue Trader Orks from my first foray in the hobby back in the 80’s and early 90’s.  I’m going to deal with the Rogue Trader stuff separately though – I think I’ll do them and the RTB01 marines I have lurking as a joint project to match the Rogue Trader cover 🙂

Recently, the campaign box for Sanctus Reach may have fallen into my grubby little paws, leaving me with some brand new orky goodness too!  That’s a Warboss (Grukk Face-Rippa), a unit of 10 grots and caretaker, 5 nobz, and 3 kills kanz.

Jay (@SoulJacker1974) has provided with a veritable horde of 2nd hand Orks in various states of assembly.  A fair chunk are pretty old school and will go in with  my Rogue Trader era stuff (like the original Ghazghkull Thraka and Banner Bearer!), but there’s a lot of current ones too!  A Bommer, Ghazghkull Thraka, Weirdboy, big mek with shokk attack gun, 15 Nobz, 20 Boyz, 6 Ork Kommandos, 3 deffkoptas, 5 lootaz, a battlewagon, a trukk, 3 warbikes, 8 stormboyz,2 deff dreadz, and 3 killa kanz – plus innumerable grotz and other individual Orks to be sorted.

And now my mate Leonidas in Crete is sending me further reinforcements! That’s a battle force (20 Ork Boyz, a trukk and 3 warbikes), another trukk, a unit of grots and caretaker, 2 boxes of burnaz/lootaz, an Ork Mek with Shokk Attack gun, 3 killa kanz, a deff dread, a flash git with targeting squig, and another AoBR set (another 20 boyz, 3 deffkoptas, 5 nobz and a warboss).

Sooo … I need to whittle that horde down to a more practical first pass at a 2000pt army!  Any ideas for a fun Orky vibe?  Although I can put together the numbers, I don’t think a horde of infantry is a feasible first target – just too much to paint!  I’m thinking of going pretty HQ and vehicle heavy.  My first thought was something like:

Lords of War (225pts)

Grazghkull Thraka – 225pts

HQ (159pts)

Wierdboy (level 2 psyker) – 70pts

Big Mek with Heavy Armour and Shokk Attack Gun – 89pts

Elites (683pts)

Kommandos – Boss Nob with boss pole and klaw, 4 Kommandos, 1 Kommando with Big Shoota – 105pts

Nobz – Boss Nob, 2 Nobs, Warbikes.

Nobz – Boss Nob with boss pole, twin linked shoota, power klaw, 9  Nobz, Heavy Armour, Battlewagon ( 2 big shootaz, 2 Rokkit Launchaz, Kannon, Deff Rolla, Extra Armour, Red Paint Job, Grot Riggers, Boarding Plank) – 443pts

Troops (305pts)

Boyz – 8 Boyz, Boy with Big Shoota, Boss Nob with Power Klaw and Boss Pole,  Trukk – 135pts

Boyz – 17 Boyz, 2 Boyz with Big Shoota, Boss Nob with Power Klaw and Boss Pole,  170pts

Fast Attack (445pts)

5 DeffKoptas with Rokkit Launchas 150pts

5 DeffKoptas with Rokkit Launchas 150pts

Dakkajet – flyboss, extra twin linked super shoota – 145pts

Heavy Support (183pts)

Deff Dread with Power Klaw and Skorcha – 85pts

7 Lootaz – 98 pts




2 Replies to “Orks! Working out a Waargh!”

  1. Lot of randomness in this list. I would either go more vehicle based, or more mobile based. You are a bit in between right now.

    If you want to keep ghazzy, I’d drop a ton of the nobz in the battle wagon and take meganobz instead. Put him with the meganobz…at least now you can use his power!

    I’d put the big mek on a bike (with the shokk gun) and attach him to one of the deff kopta units.

    I’d drop the nob bikers, and use the points towards a second battle wagon. Put the weird boyz in here with the large group of boyz.

    Use remaining points to add some mek gunz possibly, or a second deff dread.

    1. Ah, but I don’t have any meganobz, and I like Ghazzy 🙂 Same with the 2nd battlewagon or Mek Gunz! I’m sort of trying a little bit of everything that I have in this list, minimising the number of models to get it to a “on the table” point, with the plan of tweaking with extra stuff I like or works for me. after I try it.

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