Painting Salamanders (#WAAC #40KRaffle)

I thought I’d post up a useful guide to painting Salamanders, based on some of the cracking work by @SpectralRaziel and @GamingKing1616.  I’ll try to keep this up to date with any suggestions on painting Salamanders flesh, vehicles and alternative paint range choices too, and maybe for drake scales and flame effects as we go on too.

With the current GW Paint Range, the recommendation is:

  1. Basecoat with the Caliban Green Base
  2. Wash with Nuln Oil
  3. Layer with Warpstone Glow.
  4. Edge with Moot Green

It gets an overall result like this, which I think you’ll agree really pops! (pic by @spectralraziel)  More layering and blending could be done, but if we all stick to roughly that spectrum it’ll match very nicely.


@GamingKing1616 has been using the older GW paint range, and has achieved some excellent results by:

  1. Basecoating with Dark Angels Green
  2. Layering with Snot Green
  3. Washing with Nuln Oil
  4. Layering back with with Snot Green.
  5. Highlight with Goblin Green

Though a final edge highlight with maybe Moot green would match it up nicely! (Pics from @gamingking1616)

20150326_145000000_iOS 20150326_144954000_iOS


Painting Salamanders Skin

@GamingKing1616 has had some amazing results painting the skin with Rhinox hide and some mournfang brown highlights.  Red eyes, of course, and hair in black with some gentle grey highlights or dry brush.  I thoroughly recommend something similar (even though the grognard in me thinks fondly back to the orange haired rogue trader Salamanders!

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