Salamanders Update #WAAC #40Kraffle

A new update page using the new codex can be found here:

7th Ed Codex update!

It has a close to final list of all the minis you could win, updated pictures and more.

UPDATE:  @docbungle somewhat pre-empted it and publicised the Just Giving page for the #WAAC #40Kraffle!  If you want to participate to win this awesome force, head over to

Note that the donations go straight to MacMillan via JustGiving- we don’t handle it at all!

UPDATE 2:  All the points in this list so far are still based on the old codex.  Its not been long 🙂  With the number of tac squads and marines, I think it’d actually be possibly to break it up into 2 valid demi-companies and command for a brutal list!

@PaintySim has done amazing things sorting out a basing day and additional donations – if you have any questions or want to get involved, feel free to harass her if you can’t get hold of me! 😀

Well, the Salamanders are starting to come together!  Here’s an updated list, with pictures of completed units where available!  Whats very cool is that we already have a valid, deployable army over a thousand points (1359pts) completed, with a range of HQ options (1500+ points completed in total! out of over 3500pts):

HQ – Vulkan + Termie Captain – 331pts

Troops  – 2 x Scouts  – 138pts

Elites – Assault Termies, Ironclads – 360pts

Fast Attack – Assault Squad, Landspeeder – 210pts

Heavy Support – Devastator Squad – 120pts

Terrain – Promethium Pipes 40

LotD Allies – 160pts

HQ – 1021pts (871pts completed)

Terminator Librarian – Mastery 2, Force Maul (115pts) (donated by @evilkipper, @Dark_Eye_Jay to paint – completed)

Dark_Eye_Jay - Librarian

Terminator Captain – Thunder hammer, combo-flamer (141pts) (donated and painted by @gamingking1616 – completed)

GamingKing1616 - Captain.jpg

Forge Father He’Stan Vulkan (190pts) (donated and painted by @nationoflee -completed and with @EvilKipper!)

nationoflee - vulkan.jpg

Master of the Forge (140pts) (donated and painted by @jontydoesgaming)

Chaplain with Plasma Pistol (105pts) (donated and painted by @darrenbogus – completed and with @EvilKipper!)

DarrenBogus - Chaplain Front.jpg

Chaplain with Jump Pack (105pts) (donated and painted by @gamingking1616 – Completed)

gamingking1616 - Chaplain front.jpg

Terminator Chaplain (120pts) (donated and painted by @paintysim – Completed and with @paintysim)

PaintySim - Chaplain

Librarian – Plasma Pistol, Mastery Level 2 (105pts) (donated and painted by @rallyfox – Completed and with @EvilKipper)

rallyfox - librarian front.jpg

Troops – 951pts (138 completed)

Tactical Squad – Vet Sergeant (chainsword & bolt pistol), 7 SM with bolsters, 1xmeltagun, 1x heavy bolter , Rhino (205pts) (donated by @evilkipper, painted by @gamingking1616 – Rhino Completed!)

GamingKing1616 - Rhino

Tactical Squad – Vet Sergeant (chainsword & bolt pistol), 7 SM with bolsters, 1xmeltagun, 1x heavy bolter , Rhino (205pts) (donated by @evilkipper, painted by @vidpui)

Tactical Squad – Vet Sergeant (chainsword & bolt pistol), 7 SM with bolsters, 1xflamer, 1x ML, Razorback with TL lascannon (245pts) (donated and painted by @Dorns_Templar)

Tactical Combat Squad (70pts) – 5 Marines with bolters (donated by @EvilKipper, painted by @Elessarion30)

Dedicated Transport – Drop Pod (35pts) – (Donated by Dan, painted by @PaintySim)

Scout Squad – 4 with shotguns, Veteran Sergeant with CCW and Bolt Pistol (65pts)(@evilkipper to donate and paint)

Scout Squad – Heavy Bolter, 3 with Bolters, Sergeant with CCW and Bolt Pistol (73pts)(@evilkipper to donate and @ticosminis to paint – completed)

ticosminis - scouts.jpg

Scout Squad – Veteran Sergeant, Combat Blades (65pts) – (@donated and painted by @vidpui – completed)

vidpui - scouts.jpg

Elites – 990pts (360pts completed)

Assault Centurions (190pts) – (@SpectralRaziel donating and painting)

Vanguard Veterans (4x TH and SS, Sarge with TH and Stormshield) (295pts) (Donated and painted by @husker04)

Assault Terminators (3 TH,2LC) (215pts) (Donated and painted by @docbungle – completed)

docbungle - assault termies.jpg

Ironclad Dreadnaught (145pts) (all options included) (Donated and painted by @ryglore – completed and with @paintysim)

Ryglore - Ironclad.jpg Ryglore - Ironclad Alt.jpg

Ironclad Dreadnaught (145pts) (Donated and painted by @husker04)

Fast Attack – 210pts (210pts completed)

Assault Squad – Vet sergeant with power fist and plasma pistol, 3 AM, 1 x Flamer (140pts) (donated by @evilkipper, painted by @ticosminis – completed)

ticosminis - assault marines.jpg

Landspeeeder – Multimelta, Heavy Flamer (70pts) (donated by @evilkipper, painted by @vidpui – completed)

vidpui - landspeeder.jpg

Heavy Support 550pts – (120pts completed)

Stormraven – Hurricane Bolters, TL Multimeltas, TL Assault Cannons (230pts) (@SpectralRaziel donating and painting)

Predator – 140pts, lascannon sponsons, twinlinks las (Magnetised for options) – @M0o0o0h to donate and paint)

stalker/hunter (70pts) – (@SpectralRaziel donating and painting)

Devastator Squad (120pts) – 4 x Multimeltas, Veteran Sergeant (@donated and painted by TolSenti – Completed)

Tolsenti - Devastator Squad

Terrain 40pts (40pts completed)

Promethium Pipes (40pts) (@donated and painted by @PaintySim – Completed)

Paintysim - Pipes

Allied Legion of the Damned Detachment – 160pts (160pts completed)

Legion of the Damned Squad – sergeant with power axe and plasma pistol, 3x bolters,1xflamer (160pts) (@evilkipper donated, @Elessarion30 to paint – completed)

Elessarion30 - LotD Front


5 Replies to “Salamanders Update #WAAC #40Kraffle”

  1. Congrats on the progress so far for a very worthy cause. Did notice though that I haven’t received an email about ticket numbers (donated on 10/6) as mentioned in recent update though.
    Will be looking to donate again to make sure that you reach your target. Good luck!

  2. Hi Rob, just made a second donation and had a quick read through the Just Giving updates, I don’t seem to have received ticket numbers for my first donation: £20 on 13th June? I’m assuming I untucked the contact box live a plonker…

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