WAAC 40K Raffle!

Well, the raffle was pretty damn successful!  We raised £1400 for MacMillan Cancer Support, and we have an extremely happy winner, Alex!  He’s looking forward to fielding some of the huge numbers of Salamanders donated and painted against his friends (who appeared to be weeping as he picked up the fully painted force with a big grin.

It was a heck of a lot of work, but tremendous fun.  I want to say thank you to all those who painted and donated.  @paintysim has been absolutely amazing, working with KR and Dark Sphere to sort out lots of support, in addition to sorting out basing parties and helping look after the Salamanders as they arrived, all on top of donating and painting loads of models. @baharipilgrim has provided a heck of a lot of support too.

@docbungle founded the whole WAAC drive, which has raised over £10,000 for MacMillan so far, and he also painted and donated a cracking squad of assault terminators, as well as some WAAC gaming templates.

@gamingking1616 was incredibly generous, donating several minis and contributing lots more time to paint up tanks and full squads donated by others too.

@nationoflee did a cracking He’Stan – with a choice of head.  I particularly loved the old school orange mohawk head!

@husker04 managed to paint and donate an Ironclad and full Vanguard assault squad despite tiny children.

@dark_eye_jay converted and painted a donated terminator librarian that looks amazing. Although the army all had snow added, no one could bring themselves to touch the masterwork base!

@vidpui, a top notch commission painter, painted up a Landspeeder that has had everyone in absolutely awe, as well as a rhino, a cracking squad of converted scouts and a full tactical squad!

@ticosminis, another cracking commission painter, painted up a donated squad of scouts and a squad of assault marines.

@elessarion30, a commision painter who focussed on Malifaux, painted up her first Space Marines with some cracking Legion of the Damned and a combat squad

@darrenbogus donated and painted an absolutely top notch chaplain and a crux terminatus badge to mark Alex as an elite veteran of 40K!

@rallyfox donated and painted a cracking librarian!  Top work, sir!

@dornstemplar donated a full 6 man combat squad to run rampant in a cracking razorback!

@ryglore donated and painted a brilliant Ironclad, with a complete range of options!

@Rekeiji donated a full space marine codex, so Alex has everything he needs to play.  Very generous donation at very short notice!

@Tolsenti donated and painted a complete devastator squad.  The incredibly filthy set of 4 multimelta’s all had brilliant heat effects on the barrels that has had viewers dribbling!

@SpectralRaziel has donated and painted tanks, flyers and monster centurions.  Its an amazing amount of stuff!

Its been both hellish and a tremendous privilege helping to sort this out!  I’m glad its been a success, and thanks so much to all those who donated for raffle tickets.  Cracking work from all of you!

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  1. Hi, this is Alex – the very, very lucky winner! I just want to say a huge thank you to all involved. The army is fantastic, and will be featuring in a whole lot of games soon. As a long standing chaos player I will of course have to (partially) renounce my evil ways and join the loyalists! The Salamanders have always been my favourite Space Marine chapter which was an added bonus. It looks amazing and I was overjoyed to get my hands on it. So again – thank you all, the paint jobs are all great and it is has made me very happy indeed.

    A very special thank you to Rob for organising all this as well. Photos and a battle report will follow soon.

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