Hobby Roundup (Week 1)

Well, the first week of hobby in 2016 is over, and what have I done?  Nothing!  Or, at least, very little!  I’ve been looking through what I have, rather than getting active hobby in.

I’ve opened Imperial Assault and the Force Awakens X-Wing starter sets that I got for Christmas, though have to pop tokens and sleeve the cards still.  I have to say, I am blown away by the quality of these sets.  Great value, cracking miniatures, clear rules, good introductions, and easy to add to.  Really looking forward to trying them out – I play X-Wing already, but looking forward to getting a couple of new x-wings out with the falcon!

I’ve also started my 2016 involvement in #WAAC, with the purchase of Lanyssa from the Minions faction in Hordes (from Privateer Press) to be painted up for a charity raffle later this year.  Obviously the plan is Green and White colours … and I do enjoy painting elves!


With the announcement of Bloodbowl from GW again, my enthusiasm to get some teams painted is through the roof!  I may have acquired a team of Wicked Elves from Shadowforge this week.

I’m probably going to go with a bodysuit colour rather than flesh, making them a little less wicked!  Blue and Yellow Darkside Cowgirls are planned!  I also got a set of elf catchers I was missing to finish off my Elf ladies that I plan to paint in the red and blue of the Galadrieth Gladiators!

Looking forward to trying out some Vassal Malifaux and Guildball to get to grips with the rules too!

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