Filthy Ressers!

Normally this sort of post would be my proposed Ressers list, but I’m a total Malifaux beginner, and am struggling for ways of linking my models together.  I thought I’d pop up a list of the models I have, and ask for some suggestions about how to put together a crew from it (or what models would be best to add for a reasonably straightforward crew that plays quite well!).

I think the only obvious starting point is McMourning for the Master and so the Zombie Chihuahua for the totem?  I’m a total novice, but I think avoid the canine remains and flesh construct, and summon them rather than take them in the core crew?

If anyone has any suggestions for starting a crew from this, it’d be gratefully received.   I’ve heard a lot about needing Rotten Belles and maybe Rafkin with McMourning, and I’d be open to getting a new master if it’d be an easier starting point.

I’m not taking credit for the amazing paint job on these minis – I won them from some brilliant painters and players thanks to #WAAC – Wargamers All Against Cancer.  Look out for #WAAC events with @docbungle on Mini Musings of a Bear!


McMourning (Master)



The Valedictorian (Resser, Henchman)

The Valedictorian

Sebastian (Resser, Henchman)



Zombie Chihuahua (Resser, Totem)

Zombie Chihuahua

Lost Love (Resser, Totem) – unbuilt


Performer (Arcanist, Minion, Mercenary)


Nurse (Resser, Minion)


Nurse (Resser, Minion)


Nurse (Resser, Minion) – Miss Pack Limited Edition

Miss Pack

Canine Remains (Resser, Minion)

Canine Remains

Canine Remains (Resser, Minion)

Canine Remains

Flesh Construct (Resser, Minion)

Flesh Construct

Necropunk (Resser, Minion)


Necropunk (Resser, Minion)


Necropunk (Resser, Minion)


Punk Zombie (Resser, Minion)

Punk Zombie


Johan (Outcasts, Enforcer, Mercenary)


Bete Noire (Ressers, Enforcer) – Unassembled, transparent red

Carrion Effigy (Ressers, Enforcer) – Puppet Wars Rotten Belle model

Carrion Effigy


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