Painting 101 – Lesson 0 – Starting from scratch!

Well, I’m looking at starting to paint up some minis that are frankly awesome in the new triumvirates, and I thought it might be time to just step back a little from my normal “process” of spraying some primer on, and starting to slap some paint on.  Lets get right back to the very basics, and lets make conscious decisions about the painting choices, and see if that helps us paint them just as well as we can!    This was partly inspired by some recent twitter conversations with some people very new to the hobby as well as seeing some new hobby tools and talking to a few professional painters, way above my skills.  Some things I just took for granted were seen as complicated by those new to the hobby, and deprecated by some of the experts!  Even preparing a model is more than just slapping on some plastic glue, and grabbing a spray can.  We can improve our overall work right from the get go!  I’m not saying we need to push everything right to wire with every model, but its nice to make an informed choice about optimising for speed rather than just forgetting about a step.

As the end goal is painting up Roboute Guilliman, I’m going to break up every stage into two parts – the theoretical, where I talk about what I think about that stage, and the practical, where I go through doing the stage on some minis.  Finally, I’ll actually go through painting the big guy, and hopefully get some really nice results!


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