Tale of #ParentPainters!

As you probably know by now, a group of parents all meet up in Warhammer World a few times a year for some laid back gaming at #ParentPlayers.  We’re due for the 7th Parent Players meet up on the 1st/2nd November 2019.

Although we’ve generally focussed on Warhammer 40K, we’re all intrigued by Age of Sigmar, and going to be starting new armies in November, for a monthly paint-along using the tag #ParentPainters on twitter to show our work in progress and our finished models along the way.

The plan is to do one unit a month with a monthly theme (such as Character, Battleline and so on), until we have full armies, that we’ll all bring to an AoS themed #ParentPlayers event in the summer of 2020.  There’s no obligation to attend the event – you can join in from anywhere around the world and just have fun painting along with a new army!  As we’re parents, the odds are real life won’t let us all attend anyway, but hopefully we can get one unit a month done.

The event is being primarily organised by @Xacheriel over on twitter.   At the moment, we have involvement from:

@TheFirstAutarch – painting a Sylvaneth/Kurnothi/Wanderers force.

@evilkipper – painting Daughters of Khaine

@Xacheriel – painting Flesheater Courts or Ogors

@AvarrisXbox – painting Idoneth Deepkin

@sixeleven – painting Gloomspite Gitz

The current plan is to start with a fun character model in November (I’m looking at painting either Morathi or Gotrek!), and do a unit of Battleline in December, with more units to be added to the timeline going forward.  You could use the Path to Glory rules to help you pick, and there’s no pressure to have fully maxed out units – paint to your speed.

Let us know if you’d like to join in!  Just use the hashtag and paint away!

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