#ParentPlayers – Resources for UK Wargamers with Primary School Kids at Home!

General Resources


TTS have fantastic downloadable activity packs available for kids in a range of ages.  Its well worth a look, and covers a wide range of activities.  Different packs for KS1, KS2 and Foundation.



Twinkl are offering a free months access to all the resources on their sites for parents, if you sign up at the link below with the code



Orchard Toys

Orchard Toys have a fantastic range of activity sheets, particularly for younger kids.  Its a fantastic resource for printing off things to do at a moments notice.

Activity Sheets


Lets start by saying I don’t think any of us simply want to dump the kids in front of the TV.  However, if you are working from home and need to make a call or do some urgent work, it’s likely to happen from time to time.  Lets make sure that if it does, we still help the kids learn.


The BBC has really stepped up with a massive range of educational shows for kids during the crisis.  iPlayer has a children’s user now, which gives you quick easy access, and there are various sections allowing you to access various educational resources.  Maddie’s Do You Know?, Alphablocks and Numberblocks are particularly good. 


All of the major streaming shows do tend to offer a range of cracking documentaries, like the Blue Planet, and various nature and space themed educational pieces.  Well worth chucking on to distract and entertain.  Can’t go wrong with a spot of Attenborough!

Physical Education

The Body Coach

The body coach is doing a free live PE session every school day at 9.  Doing structured exercise at home is really important, so this is brilliant for them to kick off each day.

Body coach

Super Movers

Supermovers is a fantastic range of short bursts of physical activity that also teach other concepts, from maths to punctuation.  Its a great way of burning off energy and reinforcing some key concepts.

Super Movers

Cosmic Yoga

Cosmic Yoga is a line of yoga YouTube videos aimed at kids.  I know they’ve sometimes used it in school, and it helps keep the kids moving without getting wound up.  Its also good for relaxation if the virus is stressing them out.

Cosmic Yoga

The iMovement

This is an absolutely brilliant resource with different daily options for exercises.  You can access resources at the link below, or sign up for a daily email with todays suggested activities at join.theimovement.com



Kids love disney, and this range of themed activities can be fantastic to keep them active through the day.

NHS Disney

Just Dance

Some fantastic dance routine to get the kids up and active for a while

Just Dance




Reading and Stories

Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl (who do the Biff, Chip and Kipper books) have a fantastic range of relevant phonics ebooks available in a whole range of years free to read through their website.  You do have to register, but it works really well, and it very useful to keep kids reading the same sort of books they are used to at school.

Owl Ebook Library

National Literacy Family Zone

This offers a cracking range of free reading and writing activities, including all sorts of challenges and competitions.

National Literacy Family Zone


Audible have a brilliant range of free stories available for kids while schools are closed, with loads of classic myths and legends.  Its definitely well worth a look, gets kids excited for story time even if you have to work.


Computer Programming


There’s a fantastic online resource provided by MIT to allow kids access to a load of facility to learn the core concepts of computing in a very fun way.  You do need to set up a login, but it is free.

Scratch Lab


Lets not forget keeping the kids entertained, and what better way of doing that than introducing them to our fantastic hobby!

Warhammer Alliance

Games Workshop support Scouts and School clubs with a range of free resources, which can be found here.  Colouring activities, mini games, and more – its a cracking way of helping keep the kids engaged.

Warhammer Alliance

Power Outage

Power Outage is a fantastic RPG for kids to play as super heroes.  Its amazing fun, and in this difficult time the creator has made it available free to help keep kids entertained.  Its on pay what you want, so though you can grab it for free, if you can afford to throw some funds their way, it’d help repay them for a very generous gesture.

Power Outage

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