The Parent Players Paintalong! #ParentHobbyShowcase

Its been a difficult year for everyone, but its been a particularly difficult year for parents.  For those becoming parents, hospital access has been a major concern, while for those with children at school or in childcare, looking after, educating and entertaining them has been …. challenging.

One fantastic escape for the #ParentPlayers group has been our meet-ups a few times a year to play mostly GW tabletop war-games, chat with others in the same situation, and get a little us time for people used to just being Mum or Dad.  Of course, this year, those gatherings haven’t happened either, and are looking pretty unlikely to come together properly until next year at this point.

To keep us in touch, give us something to focus on and work towards, we started looking at doing a paint along – the #ParentPainters tag has been fantastic pulling us forward in doing an AoS army, and we can keep using that to show off WIP and models as we paint together.

However, lots of us are busier than ever, and hobby seems a remote dream, so we don’t want to exclude lots of the group!  So we’re looking at doing a mix of paint along and showcase.  In the last week of each month, we’ll do a showcase of a unit for armies we plan to play going forward, whether thats at the next meet-up, through the new edition of 40K, a new army being painted along on the #ParentPainters tag, or just an old army we want to show off.  Tweet pics of a unit with the hashtag “#ParentHobbyShowcase” in the last week of the month, and we’ll all get to see what we’re working on, what we’re painting or what we’ve done.

I’m really excited for it!  I’m getting carried away looking at doing background and naming troops and getting right into building a fantastic army for 9th edition, ready to be upgraded and evolve through the campaign narrative systems.  And I get to paint along, and show off models old and new.  If I can’t paint for a couple of weeks, I can still pull out a unit and join in the showcase.

I’m really excited to see everyones minis online if we can’t meet up and see them in person yet!

If you have any questions, give @evilkipper a shout on twitter!

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