KipperKipper (or Rob) is a keen Warhammer 40k gamer. He has:


  • Necrons (3500pts painted,0pts unpainted, around 200pts unassembled)
  • Tau Empire (2000pts painted,460pts unpainted, around 600pts unassembled)
  • Tyranids (1300pts painted, 1700pts unpainted, 0 unassembled)
  • Dark Eldar (Needs Revisiting!)
  • Eldar (Needs Revisiting!)
  • Orks (Needs Revisiting!)


The Silver Horde

Astra Militarum

The Rest


You can see Battlescribe Rosters for his main lists here.

As well as Warhammer 40k, he is quite enthusiastic about Numenera, D&D Next and Pathfinder, and would love more options like Neverwinter Nights for online custom RPGs 🙂

Finally, he’s an keen Xbox 360 gamer, though doesn’t get enough time – here’s his gamercard:

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