Still more Tau reinforcements!

Yet more Tau reinforcements arrive – they may yet be able to field a full repainted army by Gamesday!


A new devilfish and drones has arrived, to carry the pathfinders into battle.


A Broadside Battlesuit,equipped with railguns for when you really, really want those enemy tanks to disappear.



And where would the Tau be without a crisis battlesuit team to lead the way!

More Tau are coming!


Further reinforcements continue to arrive for the Tau!  This time, its a unit of pathfinders, with their portable rail guns!

The Tau are coming!


Work on the Tau continues to prgress with the completion of a Stealth suit unit.  Soon the Tau will be ready to take the field once more!

New Gamesday!

The next gamesday will be on Sunday 14th June. At present the schedule is undetermined, so work up standard 1500pt army lists in advance, and we’ll go from there.

Forces of Darkness v2!

The FoD website has been shifted over to WordPress, and is now much easier to update, and looks much prettier.  The posts have been cherry picked, and the image galleries have all been transferred over.  Check out the new profiles on the FoD members!

There will be posts on any regular gaming that takes place, whether thats on the Xbox 360, Warhammer 40k, or Dungeons and Dragons.  Its here to have fun with!

Battle Report – Imperial Guard and Space Marines fight the Eldar xenos

This was a fascinating battle, and Daft Goblin’s first game in the Forces of Darkness! 1500 points of Imperial Guard dug in, with a 1500pts force of Ultramarines in drop pods (under the control of Leonidas) prepared to take the fight to the 3000pts Eldar of Kipparn craftworld.

Dicing for the scenario and turn resulted in a capture the objective, dawn of war situation. Placing only a few units of troops and HQ definitely didn’t favor the eldar, and losing the choice of side cost them cover and the first turn, depriving them of mobility.

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The Imperatoris Aquilae 4th Company

The lost fourth company of the Imperatoris Aquilae have fallen into the gravest trap of all … they have fallen from the Emperor’s Grace. During an extended mission, their Captain recovered a strange blade. thought to be one lost by another Chapter long ago. The daemon blade corrupted the caption, who in turn subtly led his company (and the attached troops) astray. At present, test troops are being trialled to perfect the colour scheme – we’ll hopefully get examples up here soon.

The Imperatoris Aquilae

The Imperatoris Aquilae, or the Emperor’s Eagles, are a Space Marine chapter with a strong heritage and adherence to the Codex Astartes. Primarily coloured in Red and Gold, with every company using a unique trim, they will be the new Imperial Space Marines deployed by Kipper! Strange rumours abound about their missing fourth company!