Epic Stuff!

While I was going through some drawers looking for ‘stuff’ (see Unfinished Business post) and I dug these out, they too form part of my ‘Unfinished Business’ but have relevance to the map, see below:-

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Now the map below is the first cut of a 1.2m x 1.6m map that will be printed onto 25 A4 pages, the second cut will be adjusted so that each major piece of terrain falls into one A4 sheet and roads, trails, rivers etc. run off each page in a consistent manner so as to allow the pages to be re-arranged to form a new map! I also need to adjust some of the colours (the background used to be green!) to create contrast and minimize ink usage.

Now the hexes are 37mm across just the right size to fit the Aeronautica flight stands! I originally wanted a map to play an aerial combat game but decided to expand the detail to allow Epic battles as well.

Hobbying after a munchkin!

Well, the arrival of a small bundle of joy (or wee,spew and poo, depending on how much sleep I got), has had a pretty major impact on my hobby time, but I do want to keep up to date with the dabbling in the gaming hobby that I’m managing!

First, I’m reviewing all my existing models and armies.  I’m going through and trying to put the following basic points values together for each force:

1000pts core force

This is the main army list for each force.  These models will form the core of any army based around the force.  I am building this force to have no more than 1 HQ, 2 Elites, 2 Fast Attack, 2 Heavy Support and 4 troops.

1500pts expanded force

This is the 1000pt list expanded to 1500pts, sharing the same base models.  You might find some extra upgrades like melta bombs or a few extra troops in an existing unit as well as completely new troops.  Again, I’m trying to limit this force to 1 HQ, 2 Elites, 2 Fast Attack, 2 Heavy Support and 4 troops.

500pts allies force

This is a totally separate 500pt allies detachment, using up to 1 HQ, 1 Elite, 1 Fast Attack, 1 Heavy Support, and 2 troops.  These are separate models from those used in the other lists.

Hopefully the artificial force org limits on the other armies now make sense – if I add the “allies” list to the main force from the same codex, I still have a valid force org, and it gives me the following options:

1000pt forces ready to go!

1500pt forces ready to go!

1000pt force + 500pt “allies” force from the same codex ready to go = 1500pt force ready to go!

1000pt force + 500pts of actual allies from a different codex ready to go = 1500pt force ready to go!

1500pt force + 500pt “allies” force from the same codex ready to go = 2000pt force ready to go!

1500pt force + 500pts of actual allies from a different codex ready to go= 2000pt force ready to go!

1000pt force + 500pt “allies” force from the same codex ready to go  + 500pts of actual allies from a different codex ready to go = 2000pt force ready to go!

While there’s a lot of games played at 1750 or 1850pts, the majority of the games I play tend to be at the 1500 or 2000pt marks.

The other interesting thing I can do with this is have a self contained “allies” force for various small forces I’ve collected, would like to collect or want to reduce.  I have some Imperial Fists that look reasonably good, but at the moment I’m not that interested in collecting a full Imperial fists army, for example.  I’m going to set up a 500pt allies list of Codex: Space Marines for them, so I can either field them with other marine forces as part of the main force org, or actually as allies with Imperial Guard.  It means I can get use of some of the painted models I have without needing to collect a full army!

There will probably be some limitations too – Sisters of Battle tend to be very expensive models in terms of price, but quite low in points, so you need to use more force org slots for them!  I probably have to stick to just 1000pt and 1500pt options for them, and use the complete force org.

On my first pass through organising my armies and models, I’m using only existing, prebuilt models where possible (I do have a small plastic mountain, particularly for marines, but don’t have time to sort them out at the moment!).  Where I can’t build a legal army (I suspect this will be true of my 3rd edition necrons, for example), I will work out the minimum number of models to get a valid list.  Not necessarily a good list, but valid lists, and actually assemble the models ready to play in preset KR multicases.

That also gives me fixed lists to paint and sort out, in achievable numbers.  Again, I’m not going to be looking for Heavy Metal type painting – just rough and ready tabletop.

Once I’ve finished my first pass through the armies, I’ll look at how to expand out the lists to make more fun lists, not just valid ones – I suspect some of them will be absolutely terrible to play! 🙂

My next post will list the rough armies I need to sort out!

Return to Felix Minor

In the dark grimoires recovered from a looted imperial palace, Sorcerer Lord Khenti of the Thousand Sons discovered a most wonderful gem of information.  Millenia ago, the Eldar had failed to fully seal a daemonic incursion on a planet orbiting the distant sun of Felix Minor.  Many had tried to settle there – the Imperium had tried 3 centuries ago, and the ruins still littered the planet.

Most recently the foolish upstarts known as the Tau had chosen to bring the planet to life, unaware of the dark threat in their midst.  Determined to gather sorcererous power from daemonic pacts by breaking wide the portal in the midst of the Imperial ruins, he led the Thousand Sons to war once more.

This scenario was designed for Chaos Marines and Tau, though most armies could play it through.  The Temple of skulls was placed in the centre of the board.  The defending army set up first, choosing their table edge, then setting up anywhere up to 18″ away from the Tau board edge.

The Tau set up second, up to 6″ from their table edge.

In order to win, the forces of chaos need to have a sorcerer on the temple of skulls for 4 turns – he can be in combat or wounded, but he must be on the temple.  This can be any character with sorcerous powers – the thousand sons have aspiring sorcerors in their units.

The terrain is mostly imperial ruins, with some trees to indicate overgrowth and the temple in the very centre.

Battle Report

The Sorceror Lord and a unit of Thousand Sons set up in the very middle on the Temple of Skulls.  A full unit of havocs squatted atop an imperial ruin with a commanding view of the battlefield, while a defiler lurked on a hilltop, ready to rain fire down on any challengers, while a dreadnought stood in front of him to hold the left flank.  On the right, a predator guarded a rhino full of another unit of Thousand Sons, ready to advance into the enemy.

The Tau set up with most of their Fire Warriors in the center, guarded by drones.  To the right was the broadside battlesuit, hoping to take out the predator, and to the right were the pathfinders, ready to add accuracy and rail rifle fire to the assault.

Turn 1

The Tau started strongly on the attack, charging forward across the board.  They hammered the Thousand Sons in the center, killing 5, despite their invulnerable save.  Unfortunately (as with every time he has taken the field), the broadside battlesuit missed with his rail guns, and the missile pods bounced off the heavily armoured predator.

The Thousand Sons lashed back.  The Predator annihilated the broadside with a lascannon strike, and the defiler wiped out almost a full unit of fire warriors, and half their screening drones.  In the centre,Lord Khenti smashed the pathfinders Devilfish with a bolt of change, destroying it and leaving nothing but a crater.  The dreadnaught advanced, hurling insane curses as its plasma fire further decimated the Tau left.

Turn 2

The Tau’s second turn saw the ferocity continue undimished from both sides, though the advanced Tau weaponry didn’t seem as effective as normal – perhaps some chaos wizardry at work?  Commander Farside dropped behind the dreadnought, opening fire with his plasma rifle, but failing to breach the sturdy armour.  Another crisis team dropped on the right flank, annihilating the rhino carrying the thousand sons, who survived the ferocious explosion unscathed and settled into the crater left behind.  The remaining fire warrior lashed at the thousand sons, for little effect.

In the centre, it was a different story.  Here the fire was accurate, and all of the remaining thousand sons in the temple were annihilated … and Lord Khenti himself wounded.  Deciding that discretion was the better part of valour, he quickly vactated the temple at the start of the chaos turn.

The dreadnaught charged Commander Farside after missing with his plasma cannon, only to find that Farside wasn’t the easy meat that most tau are in close combat.  He smashed into the dreadnaught for two penetrating hits and a glancing hit, beating the dreadnaughts initiative. Unfortunately for the Tau, that only managed to shake the Dreadnaught and destroy the plasma cannon, leading quickly to Farside’s destruction.  The defiler annihilated more troops, while the havocs took some shots at the distant pathfinders, causing a few casulties, diminishing the taus overall accuracy thanks to the markerlights.

The predator annihilated all but one of a unit of firewarriors, who remarkably refused to break!  The thousand sons in the crater fired firey bolter rounds into the crisis team who destroyed their transport, wiping out all three.

Turn 3

After the tremendous pace of the game so far, you think things would start to slow down, but instead, they sped up!  The Tau stealth team dropped in behind the temple, near the fleeing sorcerous lord, and blew him away.  The fire warriors continued to press the thousand sons trapped in the crater, while a unit of drones and firewarriors pressed fire into the side of the predator, destroying it!  Another unit of fire warriors destroyed the dreadnaught from behind, as it had turned to face Farside.

Suddenly realising thepower of tau weapons, but their weakness up close, the havocs made a brilliant choice – forgetting their heavy weapons, the 9 man squad poured forward firing bolt pistols, then smashing the stealth suits to pieces.

The defiler advanced down the hill, opening fire again with the siege cannon, but the scatter meant it caused only a couple of wounds, while the thousand sons advanced out of their crater and broke a unit of firewarriors with bolter fire before they could charge.

Turn 4

The last Tau reinforcements arrived as a unit of crisis suits dropped into battle.  With a whole range of any tank weaponry, they confidently unleashed a firestorm of epic proportions…. to absolutely no effect.  The pathfinders joined in, but to no avail.  A few remaining firewarriors and a single drone advanced towards the crisis suits, hoping to engage the rear or side armour if the crisis team fell.  To the right, the drones opened fire on teh havocs, hoping to pin them from charging, but with no success.

The havocs, in their turn, fell upon the drones like starving wolves, while the thousand sons picked off the few stragglers of the fire warrior units from that flank.  The defiler charged into the crisis suits, killing a couple, but not breaking them, forcing them to stay in close combat, saving the defiler from weapons fire.

Turn 5

The fire warriors and drone on the left flanks moved to both sides of the defiler, guaranteeing one a shot once the crisis suits fell, which they did in their own assault phase!  The pathfinders couldn’t see anything to shoot at, and the firewarriors on the right opened up on the havocs who had just destroyed their drone screen, hoping to break them, but causing no casulties!

The havocs charged forward again, almost raptor like in their approach to combat this day!  They quickly annihilated the fire warriors, tearing them limb from limb, while the three remaining thousand sons finished off a lone survivor of another unit.

No Tau were left on the right flank at all!  On the left the defiler turned and shot the firewarriors creeping up on it, but that exposed its rear armour to a single drone….

Turn 6

The defiler was surprised when the drone got a glancing hit, and blew its heavy flamer off!  The pathfinders tried to find a weak spot in its front armour, but to no avail.

In the chaos final turn, the defiler tried to use its siege cannon on the remaining pathfinders, but the shock of being shot by a drone must have thrown it off, and it scattered the blast zone well away from any Tau troops. The  havocs moved around the temple, but were too far away to intervene.


Both sides claim victory – 4 turns with a sorceror on the temple was the victory condition for chaos, and they hadn’t managed that or a wipeout.  On the flip side, the Tau were losing badly by the end of the game, and a sorcerer was left to perform the ritual in the thousand sons on the right flank.  A tactical draw was agreed (though both claim bragging rights!)

Kipper’s Hobby Plans!

Well, I thought I’d try and motivate myself to get started by listing the enormous number of projects and armies I’m looking at doing at present!

1) Finish the Battleboard!

2) Finish my Tau army!

The Tau are pretty close to finished already! I have one more unit of Firewarriors to ink and detail, a hammerhead tank to ink and detail, and I think I also have a couple of drones to do. I do have a few ethereals, but as I use Commander Farsight and can’t field them, they aren’t on my must do list (and to be honest, I don’t find the models nice enough to make it onto my fun list either!)

I already have 3 12 man firewarrior squads, a full 8 man pathfinder squad, a 5 man Stealth suit squad, 18 gun drones, two devilfish, two 3 man crisis teams, a broadside and commander farsight done, so a Tau army can take the field right now!

Bonus extra – I do have an additional box of firewarriors – if I can find sufficiently tau looking wings, I may convert them as tau commandos to proxy as vespids.

3) Finish my Fallen Angel army

The complete army is assembled and ready to go. This should be a straightforward army to paint – after the black undercoat, I just need to edge highlight with DA green (so it is the original black heresy colours with a nod to the current scheme), though the stone symbols and robes on many of the models will take longer. The army went on the very first gaming trip to crete, so its time to actually get it done!

4) Rebase my Necron army

I have two Necron armies which have been painted differently – both look good, so I don’t intend to redo any of them, but I do intend to rebase them all to match my battleboard – sand painted brown, highlighted in ochre, then scorched grass in patches.

5) Return of the beakies (crimson Fists)!

I lost a complete Rogue Trader ultramarine army on the train several years ago now, but still have a slew of other figures from that era, and picked up a few from ebay. These will be prepared as Crimson Fists matching the original Rogue trader cover. I’ll need a certain amount of conversion work – old school jump packs will be needed with chain weapons for an assault squad, and the original series dreadnought will have its unusual heavy weapons arm replaced by a pair of classic twin-linked lascannons. I still think the Corvus Mk6 armour and the classic missile launcher is a much more iconic look than the newer marines. This is the project I’m most excited about at the moment, so it is likely to jump to the top of the list!

I’m looking at scratch building mk1 rhinos and mk1 land raiders for the force too! Old school!

6) The Blood Angels

Between Space Hulk terminators, sanguinary guard and death company, and some lovely chapter leaders, I really should get my blood angels battle ready! I struggle getting excited about them generally, though – I never got on with James Swallows Blood Angel novels.

7) The Deathwatch

I’m really excited about this, so again, they will probably jump up the list more than a bit! I want to do some classic deathwatch conversions, and have full shoulderpads for 10 chapters to go on the right shoulders as well! It should look great! In addition, I intend to do a unit of terminators in Deathwatch colours, with a rhino and land raider to act as transports, and a dreadnaught and captain as well.

I can then use the deathwatch to bulk out any of my other marine forces, which will be very useful!

8) Legion of the Damned

Just like the Deathwatch, the Legion of the Damned can appear to save my marines in general, making them very tempting models. I have the boxset, but would like to bulk that out to a full squad with specialist and heavy weapons.

9) Tyrian Eagles

I’m currently painting my own chapter of Tyrian Eagles, using mostly troops from the Assault on Black Reach set. They are coming together really nicely, and will tie in with the Deathwatch to flesh out the numbers.

10) Tyrian Eagle traitors

These are coming together slowly as well, with a rogue librarian leading the lost third company of marines to treacherous victory!

11) Imperial Fists

I have some lovely imperial fists models – a gorgeous command squad and scouts, with an OK dreadnaught, but I need to get enough basic troops cleaned up to bulk out the force.

12) Orks!

I have loads of Orksies! About three loads of the AoBR set, in fact! With loads of boyz and coptors, its a really orky waargh of a charge. I have the greenskin primer from army painter, but need to assemble and prime everything, before painting them up. Evil Sunz? Goffs? its all to be decided!

13) Grey Knights!

My grey knights are a completed army … for the Daemonhunters codex. The new Grey Knights codex leads to all sorts of new delights – paladins, purifiers, librarians, dreadknights….. its all so tempting!

14) Ultramarines

I have loads of random marines that need to be brought together and sorted out. Although generally not great models, its tempting to just have loads of Ultramarines as a standard mob of marines.

15) Other random thoughts

I’d love to have a Dark Eldar army, painted as if craftworld eldar for a dark craftworld. Wyches in Howling Banshee colours, Kabalites as Dire Avengers, Mandrakes as Striking Scorpions, Scourges as Swooping Hawks.

I’d also love to do Sisters of Battle as a traitor force, dedicated to Tzeentch. I’d need plastics first, and I have high hopes when they officially release a new codex they’ll renew the model line.

16) Terrain!

After the battleboard, I’ve been getting very excited about terrain. I want to build a weathertop as per the LoTR guidelines, and I want to build some portal scenary with the Storm of Magic vortex templates – an eldar webway portal and a dark altar would be great, as would a Necron portal.

I’ve also got to build witchfate tor and paint to match the battleboard, and I may be getting a temple of skulls for my birthday! Huzzah!

Hope you find that intriguing – I’ll update with photos as they various bits come together!

Interactive Army Painters

I thought I’d update my post from ages ago about interactive army painters.

Bolter & Chainsword has an amazing set of interactive army painters available, letting you plan out a general look and feel for models before you try them. Its no substitute for trying a model or two, but does let you think about your colour choices!

The best painter is for Space Marines, unsurprisingly

There is another one for Terminators.

and for the Sisters of Battle.

You also have Chaos Marines.

The Tau – Fire Warriors.

and Orks.

There is a painter program that handles both tau and eldar – its simple to use, but not as flexible as the Bolter and Chainsword options here.

Although its a little over complex and fluffy, there is a great Tyranid painter program here

Haven’t been able to find any for Imperial Guard, Dark Eldar, or Necrons though. One suggestion is to use the Dawn of War army designer, and take a screenshot of the outcome.

Battle Report – The Thousand Sons encounter the Tau

Another battle raged in the galactic north, as the Thousand Sons (led by the dark sorcerer, Saint Aidan) encountered a new, young race – the Tau (led by the Aun’shi Kipper)!


Dawn of War with Capture and Control were used for the mission – so night fighting first turn, setups to the halfway point of the table, and just two objectives – one for each sides CCC point.  House rules were active, in that chaos daemons could be used from the Chaos Daemons codex, but had to be summoned on as per the Chaos Space Marines codex, and took up a slot in the force organisation table.


The Tau won deployment, for what it was worth – only a HQ choice and two troops choices can deploy in the scenario – all the rest wait in reserve!  Commander Farsight deployed with a unit of 12 fire warriors in a Devilfish in an aggressive posture, while a unit of 6 fire warriors held their Command point objective in a crater at the landing point.

The Chaos Marines set in a more defensive postion, with a large unit of Thousand Sons marines by their Command location in a crater, and a rhino with a Chaos sorcerer and another unit of Thousand Sons ready to roll next to them.  Over half the Chaos army was already on the board, while less than a third of the Tau could deploy!


Turn 1

The Tau started tentatively, advancing the devilfish, and launching a few cautious shots at the unit in the crater from Commander Farsight’s team of Crisis suits to little effect.

The Chaos troops were incensed by Xenos filth on their planet of secrets, and the Rhino rolled out, unleashing pshychic shooting attacks from the top firepoint!  Bolts of change lashed out, dropping two of the crisis suits instantly, with instant death and failed vulnerable saves taking their toll!  Commander Farsight was exposed and vulnerable!


Turn 2

Reinforcements began to arrive, with the addition of a unit of fire warriors, drones and a Broadside Battlesuit to the Tau forces.  The Fire Warriors, drones and Commander Farsight moved to head off the advancing rhino, with Farsight’s plasma rifle immobilising it!  The devilfish dropped off its unit of 12 fire warriors near the centre of the table, preparing to flank the Thousand Sons, and then advanced towards the enemy CCC post.

The Thousand Sons struck back with some decisive moves – a unit of raptors charged onto the table, and were able to catch the unit of Fire Warriors for an assault, butchering them all to the last man!  The troops in the immobilised rhino disembarked, pouring forward towards the Tau attack, and finishing Commander Farsight with a psychic assault.  A unit of terminators appeared, summoned near the Tau CCC post by chaos sorcery, only to scatter back towards the Tau offensive troops, where they promptly damaged the Broadside battlesuit, and killed all but one of the advancing firewarriors.  Things looked bleak for the Tau!  A Chaos Lord arrived, and bolstered the defences on the Chaos CCC post, strengthening their overall position.


Turn 3

Reinforcements continued to arrive!  In a desperate move to change the game, a unit of drones and a unit of stealth warriors dropped into the Chaos stronghold, in an attempt to take their objective in the crater in the north west.  Opening up with a tremendous amount of firepower, almost half the defending marines were annihilated, but as fearless, souless automatons, it wasn’t enough!  In the south east, the Tau defenders of their HQ opened up on the raptors, killing four, but the sole survivor refused to break.  A unit of crisis battlesuits arrived, and moved to block the terminators from the CC post, opening fire with huge numbers of weapons, but failed to kill a single terminator!

In return, the terminators annihilated the crisis suits and moved back towards the objective, while the chaos troops and sorcerers near the rhino held their ground and annihilated the broadside suit with further psychic strikes.   A unit of flamer daemons materialised near the crater where teh Chaos CCC post was esstablished, and annihilated the chaos drones in a tremendouse wave of fire, while the defending chaos troops and chaos lord hurled sorcerous bolter fire at the stealth suits, cutting them down with ease.  The Tau strike force was wiped out!


Turn 4

More Tau reinforcements poured on – the last unit were the pathfinders, who should have been leading the way, and instead turned up late to the party!  Equipped with heavy weapon railrifles and markerlights, none of them could fire as they moved into a defence of the troubled CCC post.

The last of the Thousand Sons reinforcements also arrived – a Predator tank, equipped with Lascannons and heavy bolters.  Rumbling 6″ onto the board, it opened fire on the scout devilfish, immobilising it!  The terminators unleashed a hail of fire on the Pathfinders, quickly annihilating them as they advanced towards the objective.  Summoned lesser daemons (Flamers of Tzeentch) hurtled up the field, destroying all but one of the remaining drones, while the troops from the Rhino, realising time was running short, ignored the single fire warrior and drone to run towards the Tau objective.


Turn 5

The Tau were on a last ditch, desperate defense of their CCC post, with their few remaining troops mustering a last ditch defense.  The devilfish and fire warriors poured fire onto the terminators, but were unable to cause a single wound, with over 15 successful armour saves! 

In return, the chaos troops continued their desperate advance, with the flamers and troops hurtling up the field, ignoring scattered survivors of squads to run towards the command post.  The chaos terminators advanced around two gun drones from a devilgish, and annihilated one of the two units of defending fire warriors!  The predator opened up with a heavy bolter and lascannon against the firewarriors, but cover saves saw them through with a single lost man.

In a shock roll at the end of turn five, the game ended! 



Both players still had their starting objectives, so a technical draw, but certainly a moral victory to Chaos, who would have contested the Tau objective by turn 6, if not held it outright.

The game favored the Chaos troop types with the scenario – the higher value troops gave the Thousand sons a much greater initial force than the Tau, and the piecemeal reinforcements made the structured defensive tactics needed to maximise Tau firepower almost impossible to push together.  In addition, the Tau are geared up to pin troops and break units from shooting – the largely fearless thousand sons made most of their special weapon advantages worthless!  Having said that, tactical errors, like leaving units in charge range of raptors, and the awesome chaos saving throws, particularly for the terminators (not one save, including 5+ invulnerable saves against fusion blasters were failed, while for the Tau not one invulnerable save for 4+ shield generators on crisis suits was passed!)  More mobility – perhaps another Rhino would have been needed for the Chaos to be able to switch from defense to offence more effectively.

Great fun was had by all, and another dubious draw by Kipper 🙂


Aero 2 or There and Back Again

Durng my fleeting visit to the UK James was kind enough to host a game of Aeronautica (Many thanks by the way!)

James had chosen an Imperial fleet while I had chosen an Ork Air Waaarg.

The scenario was a simple one, we both had a base with static defences which had to be defended while attacking the enemy base, simple, easy, no problems, Hmmm……

The Imperial base was sited in the North with the Orks in the South.

We both had approx. the same points value while the Orks had numerical superiority (and those deadly Grot Bombs -yeah right).

The Imperial forces consisted of  a heavy bomber and a variety of fighters – the performance and stats of which are pretty awsome!

The Ork forces consisted of a Bomber, 2 Fighta Bombers and the rest were fighta’s

The Imperial tactic seemed to be to overwhelm the defenders and drop an unbelievable bomb-load on the target – thus totally destroying it!

The Orks were more devious, their force was split into a strike force consisting of the Bomber with bomb-load and Grot bombs, one Fighta-Bomba with bomb-load (more of this later) and a Fighta and a defence force consisting of one Fighta-Bomber with Grot Bombs (more of this later too!) and Fighta’s

The board was laid out (see pics) and initial dispositions set.

Game on!

It being over six months since we played our last (and first) games of Aeronautica we both new that we would need a few turns to get back into things (!)

Both fleets started out, the Imperial force being split into two and approaching either side of a central mountain and the Ork strike force setting off to the east of the mountain with the Ork defenders setting up a Combat Air Patrol (CAP) around the base.

It was at this point that I discovered that the Fighta-Bomber with th Grot Bombs that SHOULD have been on CAP, was in fact flying off with the strike force (!) Oh well..

First combat was in the east as the two approaching formations passed through each other, shots were fired and bits of aircraft were blown off!

The Orks unleashed a hail of Grot-Bombs (well, four actualy).

In the turn following the realease of the Grot-Bombs a dim light began to shine as we realised that things were not at all going to plan!

The Grot-Bombs found that all their potential targets were infact behind them! Three turns of frantic manuvering by the Grot-Bombs left them out of fuel and dropping helplessly to the ground having had no effect on the game at all!

Meanwhile James has noticed that both bombers (his first) were going to fly off the board (ouch), a quick house rule allowed them to re-enter the board on the same table side one table quarter down. The Imperial bomber flew off the table to re-appear next turn, the Ork bomber didn’t quite make it to the table edge allowing me, in the current move, to change speed and height ready for it’s re-entry.

After both bombers were back on the table (and after about 3 hours of frantic manuvers) both bombers were on their approach runs, both had taken damage and it was obvious that unless shot down both would make their bombing runs.

Both aircraft were being persued by fighters so initiative was vital! The Orcs get to go first, one action, take the bombing run or shoot at the Imperial bomber? Na.. shoot the bomber, and it went down leaving nothing but an oily black trail on the way. Now the Imperial turn, no bombing run but if James could bring down the Ork bomber he would win the game on aircraft kills – the Imperial fighter unleashed a hail of missiles and las-bolts, the Ork bomber takes damage but not enough!

Now for the Orc bombing run, at this point I should say that one of my Fighta-Bombers, the one that had the Grot-Bombs had also flown off the table but couldn’t come back on (house rule only Bombers), but I had managed to extricate the other Fighta-Bomber from the defance of the base and it too was on it’s bombing run. The Bomber successfully hit and damaged the base – enough for victory – just as well as the following Fighta-Bomber was too low and failed in it’s bombing run 😀

Victory to the Orks by a whisker, with loads of luck both good and bad.

Pics are here: 

We both had a good laugh as our aircraft got out of hand from our starting positions but we both managed to get them under control for the second half of the game.

Once again I really enjoyed Aeronautica and believe it would make a brilliant multi-player game with 3-5 aircraft per person.

Many thanks to James for making my last day in the UK the high point!

I really would like to set up a solo game (bombing run) but we have now vacated the house while work proceeds downstairs as well as above, so may not get to play or build or paint until August 🙁



Hi this is just a quick note to thank James for hosting the Aeronautica game during my flying visit to the UK, needless to say great fun was had by all – I shall upload the pix and post as soon as I am able – at the moment the building work is happening all around us and I cant run my machines during the day, I’m also having problems uploading pictures so I will probably not try again untill we ‘move upstairs’ and I have the data aerial installed.

A. 🙂

Oh, Missed you Rob 🙁

Ork Air Force

This is my (current) Ork Air Force that I’ll be taking back to the UK to use when James and I get together.

One bomber and the rest are Fighta’s, although some will be designated Fighta-Bommberz with a few Grot Bombs for good measure 😀

Interactive Army Painters

Bolter & Chainsword has an amazing set of interactive army painters available, letting you plan out a general look and feel for models before you try them. Its no substitute for trying a model or two, but does let you think about your colour choices!

The best painter is for Space Marines, unsurprisingly

There is another one for Terminators.

and for the Sisters of Battle.

You also have Chaos Marines.

The Tau – Fire Warriors.

and Orks.

There is an Eldar one here.

Haven’t been able to find any for Imperial Guard, Dark Eldar, Necron or Tyranids though. One suggestion is to use the Dawn of War army designer, and take a screenshot of the outcome.