Aero 2 or There and Back Again

Durng my fleeting visit to the UK James was kind enough to host a game of Aeronautica (Many thanks by the way!)

James had chosen an Imperial fleet while I had chosen an Ork Air Waaarg.

The scenario was a simple one, we both had a base with static defences which had to be defended while attacking the enemy base, simple, easy, no problems, Hmmm……

The Imperial base was sited in the North with the Orks in the South.

We both had approx. the same points value while the Orks had numerical superiority (and those deadly Grot Bombs -yeah right).

The Imperial forces consisted ofΒ  a heavy bomber and a variety of fighters – the performance and stats of which are pretty awsome!

The Ork forces consisted of a Bomber, 2 Fighta Bombers and the rest were fighta’s

The Imperial tactic seemed to be to overwhelm the defenders and drop an unbelievable bomb-load on the target – thus totally destroying it!

The Orks were more devious, their force was split into a strike force consisting of the Bomber with bomb-load and Grot bombs, one Fighta-Bomba with bomb-load (more of this later) and a Fighta and a defence force consisting of one Fighta-Bomber with Grot Bombs (more of this later too!) and Fighta’s

The board was laid out (see pics) and initial dispositions set.

Game on!

It being over six months since we played our last (and first) games of Aeronautica we both new that we would need a few turns to get back into things (!)

Both fleets started out, the Imperial force being split into two and approaching either side of a central mountain and the Ork strike force setting off to the east of the mountain with the Ork defenders setting up a Combat Air Patrol (CAP) around the base.

It was at this point that I discovered that the Fighta-Bomber with th Grot Bombs that SHOULD have been on CAP, was in fact flying off with the strike force (!) Oh well..

First combat was in the east as the two approaching formations passed through each other, shots were fired and bits of aircraft were blown off!

The Orks unleashed a hail of Grot-Bombs (well, four actualy).

In the turn following the realease of the Grot-Bombs a dim light began to shine as we realised that things were not at all going to plan!

The Grot-Bombs found that all their potential targets were infact behind them! Three turns of frantic manuvering by the Grot-Bombs left them out of fuel and dropping helplessly to the ground having had no effect on the game at all!

Meanwhile James has noticed that both bombers (his first) were going to fly off the board (ouch), a quick house rule allowed them to re-enter the board on the same table side one table quarter down. The Imperial bomber flew off the table to re-appear next turn, the Ork bomber didn’t quite make it to the table edge allowing me, in the current move, to change speed and height ready for it’s re-entry.

After both bombers were back on the table (and after about 3 hours of frantic manuvers) both bombers were on their approach runs, both had taken damage and it was obvious that unless shot down both would make their bombing runs.

Both aircraft were being persued by fighters so initiative was vital! The Orcs get to go first, one action, take the bombing run or shoot at the Imperial bomber? Na.. shoot the bomber, and it went down leaving nothing but an oily black trail on the way. Now the Imperial turn, no bombing run but if James could bring down the Ork bomber he would win the game on aircraft kills – the Imperial fighter unleashed a hail of missiles and las-bolts, the Ork bomber takes damage but not enough!

Now for the Orc bombing run, at this point I should say that one of my Fighta-Bombers, the one that had the Grot-Bombs had also flown off the table but couldn’t come back on (house rule only Bombers), but I had managed to extricate the other Fighta-Bomber from the defance of the base and it too was on it’s bombing run. The Bomber successfully hit and damaged the base – enough for victory – just as well as the following Fighta-Bomber was too low and failed in it’s bombing run πŸ˜€

Victory to the Orks by a whisker, with loads of luck both good and bad.

Pics are here:Β 

We both had a good laugh as our aircraft got out of hand from our starting positions but we both managed to get them under control for the second half of the game.

Once again I really enjoyed Aeronautica and believe it would make a brilliant multi-player game with 3-5 aircraft per person.

Many thanks to James for making my last day in the UK the high point!

I really would like to set up a solo game (bombing run) but we have now vacated the house while work proceeds downstairs as well as above, so may not get to play or build or paint until August πŸ™



Hi this is just a quick note to thank James for hosting the Aeronautica game during my flying visit to the UK, needless to say great fun was had by all – I shall upload the pix and post as soon as I am able – at the moment the building work is happening all around us and I cant run my machines during the day, I’m also having problems uploading pictures so I will probably not try again untill we ‘move upstairs’ and I have the data aerial installed.

A. πŸ™‚

Oh, Missed you Rob πŸ™

Space Marine Transport

I’ve had this model ages and only got round to painting it as I was doing the Ork Bommerz.

It’s an EpicΒ  Space Marine Transport, I wanted to give my Epic SM’s some heavy lifting to suppliment the Thunderhawk Gunships.

Used Goblin Green as the base with a couple of dark green washes to get the shade I wanted, after the detailing I used, yes you guessed Armypainter Quick shade to finish.