Games Day 5th July Pics

Forces: Filthy Xeno Tau with the Traitorous Heretic Guard vs The Pure at Heart Sisters of Battle

Result: Technical win by the Xeno’s and Heratics (Moral victory goes to the valiant Sisters 😉 )

Just some pics from the day many thanks to both Rob and James for a highly entertaining day (as usual).  Here’s some random pics from the day:-

Still more Tau reinforcements!

Yet more Tau reinforcements arrive – they may yet be able to field a full repainted army by Gamesday!


A new devilfish and drones has arrived, to carry the pathfinders into battle.


A Broadside Battlesuit,equipped with railguns for when you really, really want those enemy tanks to disappear.



And where would the Tau be without a crisis battlesuit team to lead the way!

More Tau are coming!


Further reinforcements continue to arrive for the Tau!  This time, its a unit of pathfinders, with their portable rail guns!

The Tau are coming!


Work on the Tau continues to prgress with the completion of a Stealth suit unit.  Soon the Tau will be ready to take the field once more!