Struggle for the Galactic Empire (played)

Just completed a game of SGE, absolutely brill!

In short this is how it played out:-

I chose scenario 1, Over the Edge, basically the Empire is about to collapse!

The game starts with all sectors that contain system symbols occupied by Empire systems and the player places a number of empire units, 20 in all the chaos index is set at 80!

Turn one starts with the random drawing of chaos event chits, the number is usually governed by the level of the chaos index, in the case of 80 this should be 8, but in THIS scenario for turn one only it is 24!

In short I spent the first 3 game turns fire-fighting and the easiest way to do that is the spend income, now luckily when you buy a new fleet you can put it in any imperial controlled system limited by the system resource value, value of 1 only one new fleet can be placed, 2=2 etc, irrespective of the purchase cost of the fleet. Great for getting forces to where they need to be.

Needless to say I ran out of ‘money’, and that causes its own problems but, by the start of turn 4 I was ready to start the build up for the fight back, planned for turn 5.

Turn 5, The Empire Strikes Back (almost) SGE-GT5I had very clear goals for turn 5, Reduce the chaos index by 15 points, convert 3 rebellious systems back to imperial control and convert 2 Independent Empires back to¬† imperial control, I failed to convert the 2 Independents and only reduced the chaos index by 8 ūüôĀ

To make matters worse one of the fleets that I had assembled the deal with things was taken over by a Usurper and started to move towards the core!

By game turn 8 I was once again ready to strike, the Usurper was defeated and his/her fleet was destroyed, bit of a shame as I’d spent quite a lot putting it together but, needs must :).

The 2 Independents were converted, all was ready for the big push in the last two game turns.

I’ll just comment on Aliens are abstract, they are not the humanoid aliens of Sci-Fi rather more ‘effects’, in SGE Aliens get in the way, they can stop you and chaos doing things or completely wipe everything out in a system, real pain in the arse types.

So in spite of Aliens, Rebellions Usurpers and other unforeseen events I made it through to the end of GT 10 and in spite of the chaos index edging to 97 during the early part of the game I had managed to bring the Empire back from the brink!!!

A great game that I thoroughly enjoyed!

Eldar Aspect Warriors vs Thousand Sons – 2000pts


Well, the deployment was possibly the worst one for the eldar.  The game, big guns never tire, worked for both forces, with heavy support setting up in the rear, but the deployment Рouch!

SHort range elite fragile infantry found out that .. they were playing short edge to short edge Рthey had to run in front of the thousand sons gun line!!!  Not a good tactical start.

Turn 1

The eldar charge down the table in a desperate attempt to hurtle forward before the Thousand Sons gunline finishes them off.  The avatar, a unit of dire avengers and howling banshees hurtles down the left, while two other units of dire avengers advance on the right.  Karandras, his Scorpions and fire dragons and more dire avengers advance down the middle.

The chaos stay still on the left, advance cultists and possessed down the centre, and a rhino with the sorcerer lord and chaos marines and 4 bikes including a choas lord on the right.  General fire was exchanged, but not much effect either way.

Sneaky Rhino shenanigans!  Aidan advanced his rhino next to his bikes for the charge Рthe dirgecaster eliminating overwatch for the nearby dire avengers.  Saint Aidan is officially the king of Rhino tactics!  The Chaos lord wipes out the first unit of dire avengers!

Turn 2

The 2nd unit of dire avengers, with bladestorm, cut down the bikers in a hail of shuriken fire, and proceed to finish the wounded chaos lord in close combat, the dire avenger exarch cowardly refusing a challenge!

The rhino was wrecked, and some of the marines killed, though that worked against the eldar Рit left the scorpions and Karandras out of charge range.  The chaos marines, cultists and possessed all piled forward, and a challenge between the cultist champion and karandras went fairly predictably!

The shining spears open fire on the cultists, assault them, then hit and run over to the predator.  The rear guard autogun cultists take down one of the spears.

Saint Aidan’s luck turned against him at this point, with some of the worst rolls ever! ¬†Better tactics, but with rolls like that, he was falling behind anyway.

Turn 3

Swooping hawks arrive, killing the chaos sorceror behind the unit of Thousand Sons on the left.  The thousand sons marines reply by wiping out the swooping hawks РAP3 bolter fire is awesome!!!

Eldar Fire Dragons retreat behind the Eldar gunline to try and set up to counterstrike the heldrake which has to arrive the following turn.  Mad melee with challenges galore continues in the centre!  The shining spears take down the predator.

Aidan’s rolls continued to be dire!!

Turn 4

The dire avengers fired at the thousand sons on the left, then the avatar charged into close combat.  The defiler counter charged, only for the avatar to smash it to the ground, wrecking it.

The Heldrake arrived, vector struck the Shining Spears, and toasted the dire avengers on the left.  The only Eldar weapon that can reach it is a missile launcher, which needs a 6 to hit.  Unsurprisingly, its fine!  Further challenges and odd melees continue in the middle, with karandras mobbed by possessed in the middle and finally falling to a challenge by the sorcerer lord.

Turn 5

The Heldrake moved up, and toasted the 5 reapers on the objective on the Eldar left, taking out the missile launcher. ¬†The avatar killed another thousand son or two, and the melee in the middle ended in chaos’s favor.


Flyers Рwow!  nuke at a fist fight time.  If one side takes a flyer, you may as well call it unless you have AA or a flyer yourself, I think Рor a shed load of stuff capable of taking on AV12 armour, and go by numbers.  Guard might be able to cope with large numbers of heavy weapon or plasma shots Рsnap firing guard are just as likely to hit as anyone else.  Wowsers!

Not a good game by Kipper!  I was very tired, and not very tactical, which never helps, and the deployment was against me, but too many silly mistakes were made РI kept splitting up my troops.  3 seperate advances instead of one concentrated one? silly!

Brilliant if unlucky game by Saint Aidan – his dice rolls were appaling, but great tactical play.

FInal score is a little uncertain, as I’m not sure of his warlord!

We both held an objective, he had one denied by the avatar, while I lost one to a baleflamer attack by the heldrake.  He got first blood, so I think chaos won, depending on his choice of warlord Рif it was the chaos lord, then it was a technical draw (though clear moral victory to the forces of chaos, as they were thoroughly overrunning the Eldar lines.

The Battle of Penn Valley

After K‚ÄôTesh the Imperials retreated but were hotly pursued by 3 rat infantry columns, to give the shattered Imperial army time to get away a force lead by Marcus the Red made a stand in a small valley called ‚ÄėPenn‚Äô.


The Valley runs north to south with a small river in the centre and a small settlement on the east bank, small wooded areas dot the valley floor together with some rocky outcrops. A road follows the river in the centre of the valley and crosses it approx. 1/3 of the way up from the south with a small stone bridge. The river is swollen by some heavy rain further north and is only crossable at the bridge or two hidden fords, the locals, now long gone, are the only ones who know the position of the fords others will have to search, one ford is to the north of the bridge the other to the south. To search a unit must remain stationary next to the river, for each unit searching, on the first stationary turn the ford is found on a d6 roll of 1 add one to the die roll each successive turn until the ford is found or the search abandoned.


The Rats win by exiting a unit off the eastern edge of the table the Empire win if they can prevent the Rat win. The level of Rat victory would be determined by how many units exit the table.


Turn’s 1 to 4 saw the 3 rat columns move forward and units move up into position next to the river ready to search for a ford.

The Rat Guard Muskets and Imperial Crossbow on the south of the field traded shots with the Imperials coming of worse!

The Imperial artillery targeted the Ogres on the bridge and routed them; the Rat force in the south discovered a ford and prepared to cross!


Turns 4 to 7 saw the Rat’s discovering  the second ford and partially remove the barricade on the bridge and move a unit over the southern ford covered by the Guard Musketeers!


Turn 9 saw a unit of Men-at-Arms charge and halt the rat musketeers, while the Rat guard on the bridge cleared the last of the barricade but halted in disorder blocking the bridge.


Turns 10-13

Saw fierce hand to hand combat on both flanks with the Imperial Heavy Cav. Forcing the Rat Spear back across the river through the Rat Guard Musketeers disordering them but the cavalry had to withdraw to recover. The rats in the centre remained stalled while the empire forces have temporarily halted the rats in the north at the price of being left exhausted!


Turns 14-20

Although the Empire forces were in poor order and pulling back by turn 16 it was obvious that the Rats were in almost as bad shape and could not win by turn 20 so I declared the Empire the winners gaining desperately needed time for the Emperor to reorganise and re-arm!


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The Battle of K’Tesh

The following battle took place over 4 day’s with two of the day’s having very little game time but as the game position was saved in Skull Cleaver picking the game up each day was very easy.

The narrative is a tidied version of the notes I took as the game was played. A note on reinforcements, rather than leave the program to determine when and where they would arrive I decided that reinforcements would arrive at regular intervals at random points on each side of the field.

The gallery is at the end of the text, so you can skip to the bottom if you would rather just see the pix ūüėÄ

Battle starts at 07:00 each bound is 10 minutes game time.

Skamgut approaches from the east with his formation of Rat Spear.

Eric has deployed his guns west of the road behind a ploughed field with the cavalry to each side.


Eric’s cavalry manoeuvre wide to gain position while his guns pound the oncoming¬† rats.


A formation of Ratguard Musketeers enters the battlefield from the south lead by Skarsnik and the first battalion deploys into line.


A formation of Dwarves enters from the north west and marches down the road.


Eric’s Light Cavalry wheel and move off away from the Rat Muskets.

Eric’s Guns continue to pound the Rat spears


The Rat spear formation continues to advance as does the Rat Muskets.


The Dwarves double-timed it down the road to join Eric’s light cav..

Eric’s guns once again pound the Rat spears.


The Dwarves march off the field, there will be a reckoning!

Also leaving the field is one of the Rat Musket battalions


With the treachery of the Dwarves Eric’s position is not looking good, the Rats are moving forward and there is little he can do to stop them – other than order the guns to fire again, this time at one of the rat musket battalions



One battalion of Rats enters the field from the west almost behind Eric’s gun position.

From the north west The Emperor Xarl IV and a mixed formation including cannon enter the field.


The Rats continue to move forward as the Empire try to form a line of battle.

The a Rat battalion in the centre attempt to charge Eric’s Light cavalry who counter charge.

Eric’s guns once again strike out, this time at the Rat musket battalion forming to their front and inflict 20 losses.


The Imperial High Guard shoot at the rats advancing on the medium cavalry in the centre and inflict 33 losses


The Rat¬† spear battalion¬† and Eric’s light cavalry both charge home


The Rat Spear battalion on the extreme left of the rat line deserts!

Xarl receives information that the Elves will not be joining the battle!


In spite of everything the Rats continue to advance, The Spears on the Rat right once again attempt charge into Eric’s light cavalry but fail, on the Rat left the empire crossbows have formed a line and are attempting to entrench.

The empire artillery newly arrived are loading, the heavy cavalry are moving to support Eric’s cavalry as is the Imperial Household infantry that are moving down the road.

Eric’s light cavalry fire into the spear phalanx inflicting 13 losses, 11 more are inflicted by the High Guard.

The Medium cavalry fire into a Rat battalion inflicting 3 losses.

Eric’s cannon fire shrapnel into the Rat muskets, inflicting 11 losses.



Rat reinforcements fly in from the south – Vultures

The imperial Crossbow are still preparing their entrenchments

The Rat line attempts to charge Eric’s med cavalry, and fail.

The Rat spear battalion advances across the ploughed field without disorder.

The Rat muskets fire upon the imperial crossbow and inflict 30 casualties.

The another battalion of Rat muskets fire upon Eric’s guns and inflict 2 losses while taking 21 themselves.

The High guard once again target the (red) spear unit inflicting 34 losses on them while the medium cavalry inflict a further 4.

The imperial light cannon target the Rat unit crossing the field inflicting 21 losses.

The magician Zular fires a lightening bolt into the other Rat muskets inflicting 21 losses



The (green) Rat musket unit fall back.

The Rat artillery finally arrive.


The Empire forces hold their positions.

Eric’s guns and the newly arrived rat artillery exchange barrages, with the rats suffering 1 loss.


The rat (blue) muskets and the vultures target the crossbows inflicting 83 losses



The Ogres have arrived, they got so lost they have entered the field form the NE and the Knights of the Court move to intercept them.

The High Guard moved to harry the Rat Artillery while the Vultures moved to intercept the High Guard!


The rat grand battery opened fire on the Imperial light guns destroying 3 of them for the loss  of 1 rat gun.


The Rat muskets (blue) fired on the crossbow inflicting 37 losses.


The Vultures and High Guard Wheel and Turn in the skies above the battlefield only to both disappear into the distance.


Eric’s med cavalry charge the rats who rout and retreat the cavalry follow up only to be met by the shrapnel from the rat grand battery and are completely destroyed.


The rat muskets charge the crossbow who fight them off from behind their entrenchments forcing the rats back in disorder.



Skreechnor has finally arrived as has the empire general Osric the Stout.

The imperial heavy cavalry are hit in the flank by a lightning bolt and suffer 3 losses



The imperial light artillery rout from the field.

The imperial heavy cavalry charge the Ogres who stand their ground.

The Rat Muskets renew their fire fight with the imperial crossbow inflicting 20 losses on the crossbow while taking 26 in return

The Rat artillery switched targets and took out both the empire wizards together with 120 crossbowmen

Eric’s guns fired back taking out another 2 rat guns while the empire heavy cavalry where struck in the flank by a lightning bolt suffering a further 5 losses during their charge.

The Rat muskets (blue) fall back with fatigue to recover while the imperial crossbow fall back exhausted



The empire heavy cavalry are stopped in their tracks, the empire pike formation is hit in the flank by the rat artillery and severely shaken.



Two huge melee’s have developed one in the centre and on the rats left.

The imperial heavy cavalry fall back after taking heavy losses


News that the final group of empire reinforcements will be delayed has reached Xarl.

The imperial pike have finally broken and fled the field leaving Xarl with no option but to order a general retreat covered by Osric‚Äôs force and Eric’s remaining light cav.

Leaving the Rats in command of the field and victors after 21 bounds!!

The Pix!:-

Spearhead – Imperial Guard (and Imperial Guard) against Necrons and Dark Angels

Well, at the Overlords we tried out Spearhead in preparation for the Overlords 3rd Birthday bash.  Essentially, we fielded 1000pt spearhead forces, and randomly decided allies and enemies.

I (Kipper) fielded a fully meched up Guard list Р3 Leman Russ Battle Tanks (in an Armoured Spearhead), a Basilisk, a Hellhound and an armoured sentinel.  Asters, my ally, was also taking guard, with two veteran squads in chimeras, a command squad in another chimera, a Valkyrie, two more leman russ battle tanks, and two sentinels.

Meatshield fielded Necrons, with 2 Spyders, Scarabs, a Triach Stalker, 5 wraiths, two annihilation barges, and two catacomb command barges with overlords as a mech assault spearhead.  Shellmax fielded Dark Angels, with two tac squads in rhinos, a 6 man bike squad, an attack bike with multimelta and a space marine captain.


The Guard chose to go second.

Meatshield stacked up the necrons behind a major piece of scenery on the left flank of the table, while shellmax was left with an advance over open ground.

Asters and me had a tank logjam in our deployment zone, with my tanks leading the way!  Too many tanks left a very clumsy setup, making it difficult to manoeuvre with a hill in the middle and two huge terrain pieces on either side, and a load of columns in front of us.

The Guard failed to steal initiative.

Turn 1

The bikes and rhinos advanced to the right, while scarabs scuttled over terrain and wraiths advanced to the left. No shooting occurred!

The guard tanks slowly advanced, and opened up with a tremendous amount of firepower.  5 battle cannons, 6 plasma cannons, lascannons, basilisks.  Not a single wound was inflicted.

Turn 2

The lead scarabs scuttled to the attack, with runs and charging giving them a tremendous move.  The  rest of the troops continued their advance, with bikes turbo boosting down the field.  The Scarabs managed to immobilise the lead Leman Russ, and ate its battle cannon, as well as reducing the AV by 3.

The remaining guard opened up with their tanks and valkyrie, killing 4 bikes and the lead scarabs with the hellhound.

Turn 3

The dark angels launched into the stalled guard advance on the right, while their rhinos stetted in on the centre objective. ¬†A new wave of scarabs crashed into the front line of guard tanks, while wraiths destroyed a leman russ and locked up in combat with an armoured sentinel. ¬†From the rear, the two Overlords appeared, destroyed the basilisk and caused chaos with Aster’s rear troops, who poured out to heat them with melta.

My Guard were pretty much out of the fight at this point, with one crippled russ in the middle of the field, a stunned hellhound and a sentinel in close combat with a horde of wraiths.  Asters Guard were fighting a desperate defence against both armies now!

Turn 4

The Sentinel continued to tie up the wraiths, while the dark angels continued to pound the guard right, destroying the hellhound, while scarabs ate the remaining russ in the centre.  The overlords destroyed the Imperial guard units at the rear, and started smashing troops with gusto, while the valkyrie made a desperate assault on the centre rhino.

At turn end though, the guard were clearly defeated, holding no objectives to the enemies two, and with no chance to break through their own wall of ruined, burning tanks!

Thoughts and Comments

Well, a fun gain, but very different to my expectations. ¬†The meched up guard were hemmed in by terrain, hampered by poor shooting, and frankly too geared up to kill monstrous creatures or tanks, and suffered badly against more normal troops. ¬†I was expecting tank duels and canifexes galore, and it wasn’t what this game of spearhead, at least, was about. ¬†Bit of a disappointment, to be honest – may as well just have said 40k down the long table edges instead of across. ¬†There were great moments – the sentinel duelling with a horde of wraiths turn after turn was good, and the fun of rolling scatter for huge pie plates made a nice change from tiny blasts (though a little less scattering would have been nice!!). ¬†Asters was an absolute pleasure as an ally, and he got stuck in behind my burning tanks with a spirit of fun and can do!

Order of the Verdant Garden (Sisters of Battle) vs Head Hunters (Blood Angels)

The Head Hunters (commanded by the Chaos Lord Shaga) fielded 4 assault squads (two jump packs, one in a rhino, one in a land raider crusader) with a chaos lord joining the troops in the raider.  two drop pods containing dreadnaughts (1 furioso and one normal) and a final drop pod with a unit of sternguard.  Thats a total of 13 kill points available.

The Sisters fielded 2 battle sister squads in rhinos, a canoness and a celestian squad in an immolator, a heavy bolter equipped retributor squad with an immolator, a unit of seraphim, a unit of repentia and Saint Celestine.  Thats a total of 12 kill points available.

Head Hunters win initiative roll, choose to go 2nd, then the Head Hunters steal initiative after the Sisters set up first!

The Sisters castled up across half the centre of the board, with an exorcist facing each half of the enemies lines, and the retributors towards the right in a building.

The Head Hunters fielded the landraider and rhino in the top left, together with the two jump squads.

Turn 1A ‚Äď Head Hunters (Sisters 0, Head Hunters 0)

Drop pod Assault!  The two dreadnaughts slammed down in droppods immediately in front of the Sisters deployment in the centre of the field.  Storming out, both of the insane mechanical monsters missed with their meltas!  On the left the rhino and jump troops hurtled forward, followed by the landraider, whose machine spirit quickly wrecked a rhino with a unit of battle sisters spilling out by controlling the multimelta.

Turn 1B ‚Äď Sisters¬†(Sisters 0, Head Hunters 1)

Drop pod turkey shoot! Stunned both dreadnaughts shooting ‚Äď Sisters Repentia wreck one in assault. ¬†Between Celestine and the battlesisters with stormbolters, some casualties are inflicted on the approaching jump troops, but not enough.

Turn 2A ‚Äď Head Hunters¬†(Sisters 1, Head Hunters 1)

The Sternguard fail to arrive this turn.  The remaining stunned dreadnought pops smoke in an attempt to stay alive.  Assault troops gather near the sisters huddling near their wrecked rhino, (some arriving by rhino, some by jumppack) but the holy ladies are quickly obliterated by shooting before they even get a chance to charge!  Though not a deadly turn, the positioning leaves the Sisters looking vulnerable.  One unit of jump troops pops right into the middle of the Sisters, and immobilise an immolator.

Turn 2B ‚Äď Sisters¬†(Sisters 1, Head Hunters 2)

Finish off the droppods and dreadnaught with a brutal array of multimeltas, Sisters Repentia and retributors.  One exorcist swings to guard the left flank, and opens up on the assault troops.  In the centre, the canoness led the celestians against the jump troops, with celestine jumping nearby for good measure.  All but one of that unit died, and he was just out of celestines assault range.

Turn 3A ‚Äď Head Hunters¬†(Sisters 4, Head Hunters 2)

Sternguard arrive with a drop pod, and scatter off the table.  The Sisters prayed to the emperor, and guided them to the far corner away from their battle brothers and the defending sisters.  The SternGuard deploy, and run towards a nearby building in desperate search of cover.  The assault troops to the left hurtle in (some in their rhino, which popped smoke, some by jump pack), and smash an exorcist to pieces.  The assault troop left in the middle fled quickly (not routing, making a tactical withdrawal to save the kill point).

Turn 3B ‚Äď Sisters¬†(Sisters 4, Head Hunters 3)

An immolator fired over the wrecked exorcist and toasted several assault troops, who broke and fled.  The assault troops were within 6″ of celestine, but in cover … and she couldn’t reach them to assault over the difficult ground.  The nearby rhino remains impervious to an amazing array of shooting.

Turn 4A ‚Äď Head Hunters ¬†(Sisters 4, Head Hunters 3)

The assault troops in the rhino disembark and try to kill celestine with meltaguns and bolters, but fail to do much damage.  The land raider smashes the celestians with hurricane bolters and assault cannon, killing three, but leaving the unit alive.  Its multimelta also spanks an exorcist, leaving it shaken.  At this point, many of the sisters are weakened, with immobilised tanks or exposed, but the headhunters are struggling to get the kills in.

Turn 4B ‚Äď Sisters¬†(Sisters 4, Head Hunters 3)

Shaken Exorcist drives forward to force the fleeing jump troops to keep retreating.  The celestians, canoness and celestine finish off the remaining assault troops next to the rhino.  The seraphim arrive, and flame the sternguard to pieces, killing all but one, who remains in 6@ of the approaching repentia .. but the difficult ground stops them closing for assault.  The retributors finish off the last drop pod.

Turn 5A ‚Äď Head Hunters¬†(Sisters 6, Head Hunters 3)

The jump troops run another 10″ thanks to the exorcist, and the remaining sternguard flees off the table thanks to the closing Sisters Repentia.  The landraider annihilates the exorcist with an up close multi-melta blast!  It assault pounds the seraphim who flee!  Assault troops and the chaos lord spill forward, and a rhino rams the immobilised immolator in the centre of the breaking sisters defenses, stunning it.

Turn 5B ‚Äď Sisters¬†(Sisters 7, Head Hunters 4)

Celestine assaults the remaining assault unit and the Chaos Lord!  She takes a wound, but hits the lord twice!  No kills, but dangerously close to another kill point!  The canoness and celestians finish off the rhino.  The fleeing seraphim rally, starving the head hunters of another kill point.

Game End ‚Äď Sisters 9 Kills, Head Hunters 4 Kills ‚Äď The rhino kill, and the fleeing jump troops add another 2 kills to the Sisters tally.

Its a misleading total for a game thats much closer than that sounds.  The landraider and remaining assault troops were facing seriously weakened units, and could have scored an fair few kill points over turns 6 and 7.

I think the important thing is that it was a brilliant game. ¬†As always, Shaga was a brilliant opponent, and its always a pleasure to play him, win or lose. ¬†What went wrong for the blood angels? ¬†Well, kill points didn‚Äôt favor them with drop pods and rhinos giving cheap kills, and the initial drop pod assault went badly ‚Äď if the dreadnaughts had taken out the exorcists, they could have ravaged the sisters centre almost with impunity. ¬†The sternguard ended up in the worst place on the table ‚Äď in range of the retributors, but over 30‚Ä≥ away from the sisters over open ground. ¬†Several big dice moments favored the sisters ‚Äď the retributors consistently made their acts of faith, celestine was unkillable, and the seraphim popped into a perfect position even with a scatter. ¬†I think the Head Hunters did need a bit more anti armour ‚Äď they struggled smashing the sisters out of their rhino shells a little too much. ¬†Perhaps look at combi meltas on the sternguard?

Order of the Verdant Garden (Sisters of Battle) vs Space Wolves

The Space Wolves, commanded by Powderfan from the Overlords, fielded two land raider crusaders, a rhino, three teams of blood claws (two of which were 14 strong!), two with wolf priests, and a unit of scouts.  Thats a total of 9 kill points available.

The Sisters fielded 2 battle sister squads in rhinos, a canoness and a celestian squad in an immolator, a heavy bolter equipped retributor squad with an immolator, a unit of seraphim, a unit of repentia and Saint Celestine.  Thats a total of 12 kill points available.

Sisters win initiative roll, choose to go 2nd.

The Space Wolves fielded just a unit of bloodclaws in a rhino.

The Sisters placed Celestine 18″ and a rhino with a battlesisters squad.

*It was only when I wrote this battle report, I realised we messed up ‚Äď both of us forgot night fighting for the first turn on dawn of war!

Turn 1A ‚Äď Space Wolves (Sisters 0, Space Wolves 0)

The land raiders rumbled on, and smashed Celestine to the ground with assault cannon fire!

Turn 1B ‚Äď Sisters¬†(Sisters 0, Space Wolves 0)

Celestine failed to get up.  The Exorcists rumbled on, and shook one land raider, and immobilised the other!  The immolator with a multimeta stunned the rhino, while the heavy flamer immolator containg the celestians and canoness acted as a shield and the sisters repentia sprinted forward.  One unit of battle sisters rumbled on in a rhino in the centre, while the other rumbled on in a rhino to the far left to hide the kill point and wait for the scouts.

Turn 2A ‚Äď Space Wolves (Sisters 0, Space Wolves 0)

The bloodclaws in the rhino moved out against their enemy, and missed with their melta guns, while the shaken land raider rumbled closer, and hoped to score a lucky hit with the assault cannon and rending fire against the exorcists.  Unfortunately, it turned out that the immobilised land raider was entirely out of weapons range!

Turn 2B ‚Äď Sisters¬†(Sisters 0, Space Wolves 0)

Celestine failed to get up. The Exorcists stunned the approaching land raider with concentrated fire from the exorcists, while shooting took down several bloodclaws, and the sisters repentia chainsawed the rest to chutney!

Turn 3A ‚Äď Space Wolves (Sisters 1, Space Wolves 0)

Blood claws get out of the stunned landraider and start to advance. ¬†Other troops stay in the immobilised land raider to try and hide ¬†kill points ‚Äď with fewer wolves around, a couple of cheap kills could easily swing the game.

Turn 3B ‚Äď Sisters¬†(Sisters 1, Space Wolves 0)

Celestine failed to get up.  The seraphim arrive, and scatter to the top of a building at the far corner of the board, where they lurk for the rest of the game!  The Exorcists finish off the stunned land raider with a wrecked result!  The Sisters Repentia destroy the remaining rhino, and end up in the open in front of a land raider! The Canoness and her Celestians disembarked to add more flamer firepower to the battle.

Turn 4A ‚Äď Space Wolves (Sisters 3, Space Wolves 0)

Scouts arrive and destroy the heavy flamer immolator, killing two celestians in the process.  The immobilised landraider disgorges its troops, who open up on the sisters repentia, and the land raider finishes off the last sister.  The bloodclaws in the middle close in further towards the embattled sisters centre.

Turn 4B ‚Äď Sisters¬†(Sisters 3, Space Wolves 2)

Celestine got back up!  The Exorcists poured fire on the approaching bloodclaws, as did the retributors and remaining troops.  The Canoness and her squad annihilated the scouts.

Turn 5A ‚Äď Space Wolves (Sisters 4, Space Wolves 2)

The blood claws in the centre continue to advance, and fire upon the canoness and her squad, killing the canoness with a melta shot (foolishly taken on her for an invulnerable save) and killing another celestian.

Turn 5B ‚Äď Sisters¬†(Sisters 4, Space Wolves 3)

The remaining celestian hid behind an immolator while everyone opened up on the central blood claws, trying to finish them off.  Many fell, but the wolf priest and sergeant survived.  The bloodclaws to the right continued to advance slowly through some of the mixed terrain.

Turn 6A ‚Äď Space Wolves (Sisters 4, Space Wolves 3)

The remaining blood claw and wolf priest head up to the brow of the hill into the wreckage of an aquila lander for cover, away from the main battle, as the other big unit of blood claws begins to close in.  Difficult terrain has been slowing their advance.

Turn 6B ‚Äď Sisters¬†(Sisters 4, Space Wolves 3)

Saint Celestine and many other units opened up on the wolf priest and sergeant on the hill, and managed to kill the last blood claw in the squad, before Celestine charged the wolfpriest in close combat.  Neither succeeded in harming the other as their weapons smashed impressively against each other.  The exorcists took a pot shot at the immobilised land raider, and wrecked it!

Turn 7A ‚Äď Space Wolves (Sisters 6, Space Wolves 3)

The remaining wolves split in front of the sisters ‚Äď the wolf priest went to aid his brother against the Living Saint on the hill, while his unit opened fire with melta weapons, destroying an immolator. ¬†In the combat, the wolf priests failed to harm the living saint, blessed by the emperor with some ferociously lucky dice!

Turn 7B ‚Äď Sisters¬†(Sisters 6, Space Wolves 4)

Celestine raged against the two wolf priests on the top of the hill, winning the fight but not quite slaying either!  The other troops poured fire into the remaining bloodclaws, but couldn’t quite finish them off.

Game End ‚Äď Sisters 6 Kills, Space Wolves 4 Kills

Its was a very close game with a really cinematic feel, ending in a heroic struggle on the ridge of a hill with two wolf priests with furious attacks against the glowing form of the living saint.  The wolf priests and blood claws could have ripped up a fair few easy points in Sisters units over the next turn.  Powderfan was a brilliant opponent, and it was a really fun game.

What went wrong ‚Äď well, forgetting the dawn of war rules! ¬†Doh! ¬†Powderfan should possibly have deployed his other unit of bloodclaws from the immobilised land raider earlier ‚Äď but it was a gamble on denying the sisters a kill point, rather than going for kills that could have gone either way. ¬†The sisters were a little too spread out ‚Äď one unit of sisters with flamers hid on one side of the board, and the seraphim stayed locked away rather than risk casulties jumping from dangerous terrain ‚Äď adding them to the mix could have potentially finished off some of the incoming wolves faster.

I think the worst thing was Powderfan’s luck when it came to the land raiders.  Strength 8 weapons shouldn’t have been continually breaking through their armour, let alone scoring two wrecked results.  Outrageous good luck for the blessed sisters, and it really swung the game, particularly with the short range crusaders losing a chance to add firepower.

Great game all round though!

Raid on Teramore V ‚Äď Formosa Sector


The Inquisitorial forces won the rolloff for first turn, and deployment first amongst the building to the south, and the Dark Eldar lurked behind the monstrous generators to the north.

The scenario is annihilation, with a pitched battle deployment.

thumbs_0a - Deployment!.png

Turn 1 ‚Äď Inquistion (DE 0 Kills, Inquisition 0 Kills)

The Inquisition surged forward, with the psykers launching a barrage, which promptly scattered off the table.

thumbs_1a - Inquis.png

Turn¬†2 ‚Äď Dark Eldar (DE 0 Kills, Inquisition 0 Kills)

The Dark Eldar retaliated, immobilising a chimera on the left of the field, and slaughtering a couple of Daemonhosts to the right.¬† The Voidravens missiles scattered away from their targets ‚Äď the legendary Dark Eldar accuracy proving to be untrue.¬† They should have kept their targeting computers on icon_wink.gif

thumbs_1b -DE.png

Turn¬†2 ‚Äď Inquistion (DE 0 Kills, Inquisition 0 Kills)

The inquisition continued to shuffle around rather ineffectively!  Heavy weapons in the inquisitors retinue couldn’t fire as the unit had moved, and the psykers attack once again scattered futilely away from the vehicles.

thumbs_2a - inquis.png

Turn¬†2 –¬†Dark Eldar¬†(DE 0 Kills, Inquisition 0 Kills)

The Dark Eldar continued to hammer at the Inquisitors forces, killing several of the inquistorial retinue and charging into close combat with a witch cult to the left, exploding a chimera in the centre of the board (forcing out the acolytes within), and killing several more psykers and daemon hosts to the right.

thumbs_2b - de.png

Turn¬†3 ‚Äď Inquistion (DE¬†1 Kills, Inquisition 0 Kills)

The Inquisitors were holding their own in close combat to the left, while the death cult assasins closed in to assist them.  On the right, the picture was grimmer, with another psychic barrage scattering off the vehicles again, and the assassin lurking in a terrible, terrible position, unable to get a clear shot.

thumbs_3a - Inquis.png

Turn¬†3 –¬†Dark Eldar¬†(DE 1 Kills, Inquisition 0 Kills)

The Dark Eldar wyches to the left won the combat, and both Inquisitors fled, only to be cut down!  A brutal end!  To the right, all but two psykers were killed, while a raider hurtled over the arcoflagellants to inflict damage with its chain snares.

thumbs_3b - DE.png

Turn¬†4 ‚Äď Inquistion (DE¬†4 Kills, Inquisition 0 Kills)

The Inquisition strikes back!  The death cult come roaring into close combat, striking down the remaining wyches easily.  On the right, the assassin uses a turbo penetrator to immobilise a raider, while the arco flagellants brutalised a ravager, immobilising it, stunning it and ripping off a dark lance.


thumbs_4a - inquis.png

Turn¬†4 –¬†Dark Eldar¬†(DE¬†4 Kills, Inquisition¬†1 Kills)

The Dark Eldar could smell blood in the water, and moved in for the kill.  The voidraven annihilated the assassin in revenge for his work on the raider, while the wyches on the fallen raider pilled out to kill the warrior acolytes in the craters.

thumbs_4b - DE.png

Turn 5 ‚Äď Inquistion (DE¬†6 Kills, Inquisition¬†1 Kills)

The inquisition tried to retaliate with the forces left to them, but the death cult assassins couldn’t bring the fragile raider near them down.  The Arcoflagellants smashed the ravager to the right to pieces, which exploded, killing 4 and forcing the rest to flee … within 6″ of the wyches, so they wouldn’t be able to rally.

thumbs_5a - inquis.png

Turn¬†5 –¬†Dark Eldar¬†(DE¬†6 Kills, Inquisition¬†2 Kills)

At this point it was like taking candy from a baby, or slaves from the Imperium! Lelith hadn’t even bothered to leave her raider, so disappointed by the imperial resistence and lack of challenge.

The Wyches fired on the fleeing arcoflagellants, while the ravager to the left finally took down the immobilised chimera!  The void raven finished off the cultists, leaving only the death cult assassins on the field.

thumbs_5b - DE.png

End of Game РInquistion (DE 9 Kills, Inquisition 2 Kills)

Well, a thrashing for the Imperial forces, with many slaves taken for sport in Commaragh!  It was a great fun game!

Lots of lessons learnt.¬† Death cult assassins are evil ‚Äď but should have been armoured up in¬†a Chimera or rhino to get them up close and personal.¬† The psykers were brutal, but might have done better with crusaders to shield them, or hidden in a chimera too and shot out!¬† of course, if they ever actually hit, it would have been more impressive icon_wink.gif ¬†¬†¬†The Inquisitors are nasty, especially the low cost generic ones.¬† It might have been better to have Coteaz have a heavy weapons only unit in the centre, and kept them still.¬† The vindicare assassins are just plain nasty, and was wasted by poor positioning in this game ‚Äď that and the lack of realisation of just how good they are against vehicles.¬† 3 + 4d6 armour penetration makes them the¬† best anti armour unit in the game with a turbo penetrator shot, and he could have been infiltrated for perfect positioning.

The Dark Eldar are a much nastier force with the new codex!¬† Leonidas played really well to their strengths, and my lack of even light anti-armour!¬† I think the wyches do lack a little against heavier infantry compared to say howling banshees, but then they are basic troops and can take and hold objectives.¬† I think if I‚Äôd played a horrible GK knights list (3 psyflemen dreads,¬†gone for just death cult assasins¬†with perhaps one unit of psykers¬†and chimera‚Äôd everything up for resilence) the Dark Eldar would have had to work a lot harder ‚Äď its so difficult to take down the heavily front armoured vehicles.¬† Still, I‚Äôm glad I fielded the army I did, as I loved the scenario ‚Äď not even the Inquisitors can stop teh xenos with just a scratch built force!

Such a fun, international game!

The Order of the Verdant Garden (Sisters of Battle) vs The Dark Mechanicum (Necrons)


Kipper vs Shaga.  The heretical dark mechanicum are to be purged by the fanatical Adeptus Sororitas!

Shaga was fielding his Dark Mechanicum troops as proxies for the Necron codex.  He had three units of Necron Warriors (one with cryptek), a unit of 5 immortals with a cryptek, a unit of 5 lychguard with a cryptek and overlord, three walkers as stalk tanks and two annihilation barges with tesla cannons.

Kipper was fielding his Order of the Verdant Garden, with two exorcists, two battle sister squads in rhinos (one with storm bolters, one with flamers), a retributor squad with two heavy bolters, a unit of celestians with a flamer and storm bolter, Saint Celestine and 9 seraphim, as well as a unit of Repentia.


Annihilation, Pitched Battle

thumbs_0a - Board Setup.png


thumbs_0b - Initial Deployment.png

Necrons steal initiative!

Turn 1 ‚Äď Dark Mechanicum (Necrons 0 Kills, Sisters 0 Kills)

The necrons performed a general 6″ advance, opening up on the vehicles.  One exorcist was stunned, while one rhino lost a storm bolter and was shaken, while the other rhino was stunned.  The sisters repentia were hit by a quake, forcing them to treat the ground as difficult terrain.

thumbs_1a - Necrons.png

Turn 1 ‚Äď Order of the Verdant Garden (Necron 0 Kills, Sisters 0 Kills)

The Sisters advance quickly to the right of the table, with the heavy flamer immolator carrying the canoness hurtling 12″ forward, and the multimelta immolator moving a more cautious 6″, but landing just out of range for a short at the stalk tank.  To the left, the rhinos advanced just 3″, thinking about gauss flayer rapid fire range!  In the centre, the non-stunned exorcist opened up on one of the annihilation barges, annihilating it!  The retributors fired into some of the necron warriors, killing 4, only for two to rise again.

thumbs_1b - Sisters.png

Turn 2 ‚Äď Necrons (Necron 0 Kills, Sisters 1 Kills)

The Necrons continued their steady advance, continuing to pour fire on the Sisters vehicles, using the stalk tanks first to paint the vehicles, then gain twin linked shots from other troops, immobilising one of the rhinos.  A well placed barrage shot killed two of the Retributor squad, while the Overlord used veil of darkness and teleported his elite guard behind the immolators to the right, and slaughtered the Sisters Repentia with heavy firepower, leaving only the Mistress Superior alive.  The stalk tanks blew the heavy flamer off one of the immolators, and stunned the tank.

thumbs_2a - Necrons.png

Turn 2 ‚Äď Order of the Verdant Garden (Necron 0 Kills, Sisters 1 Kills)

This was the turn of the Exorcists to shine.  One of them annihilated one of the stalk tanks, while immobilising the other.  The Mistress Superior ran in front of the overlord, blocking his path to the immolator, but without going into close combat.  The immolator with a multimelta also managed to destroy the only weapon on the stalk tank to the right.  The canoness ran into combat with the celestians, using acts of faith to level the playing field against their toughness by using the strength of the Emperor himself, slaying several, but losing two celestians to the slow necron blades.  % necrons fell in the centre to heavy bolter fire from the retributors, but two stood back up again!

thumbs_2b - Sisters.png


Turn 3 Necrons (Necron 0 Kills, Sisters 2 Kills)

The necrons continued to advance.  The overlord and his bodyguards, in a move of tactical brilliance by Shaga, ignored the Mistress Superior, and instead headed left behind the Exorcists, where they killed one and the remaining stalk tank killed the other!  The rhinos were again battered and shaken and stunned, but the sisters were left very low on anti tank weaponry, and the two tanks on the left of the field still had their quantum shields up!  Another necron or two fell to the canoness and her celestians, but they were surprisingly resilient, holding up the elite close combat unit.

thumbs_3a - Necrons.png

Turn 3 ‚Äď Order of the Verdant Garden (Necron 2 Kills, Sisters 2 Kills)

Saint celestine and her Seraphim arrived, shrieking onto the battlefield to roast the necron overlord in holy flame.  5 body guard fell after more dice were rolled than you can imagine, but two got back to their feet.  The canoness continued to work through the necron warriors in close combat, while the immolator with multimelta span further right to take a potshot at the hiding stalk tank … which failed its cover save and was wrecked. In the centre, the two squads of battle sisters dismounted and annihilated one unit of warriors, and injured some of the immortals, while the retributors poured more heavy bolter fire at them.

thumbs_3b - Sisters.png

Turn 4 ‚Äď Necrons (Necron 2 Kills, Sisters 4 Kills)

Unfortunately for the necrons, they kept damaging tanks, but not finishing them off.  The overlord teleported to the centre of the battlefield, and the necrons unleashed hell on the battle sisters squad, killing 8 of one and 5 of the other.  During the assault phase, the remaining necron warriorss fell to the Canoness.

thumbs_4a - Necrons.png

Turn 4 ‚Äď Order of the Verdant Garden (Necron 2 Kills, Sisters 5 Kills)

The Sisters continued their advance, moving towards the enemy units.  One of the overlords guards fell, as did one immortal, but generally a quiet turn!  However, the advance of 9 fresh seraphim with Celestine as well as the Canoness and Celestians was a psychological weapon in itself.

thumbs_4b - Sisters.png

Turn 5 -Dark Mechanicum (Necron 2 Kills, Sisters 5 Kills)

The Necrons opened up on the seraphim, managing to kill three and quake them, forcing them to treat all ground as difficult terrain.  They also slew one of the remaining battle squad, but the other shrugged off the firepower, leaving the flamers alive.  The Overlord, sensing his bodyguard were in trouble, left them for the safety of the remaining Necron Warrior unit.

thumbs_5a - Necrons.png

Turn 5 ‚Äď Order of the Verdant Garden (Necron 3 Kills, Sisters 5 Kills)

The Seraphim risked dangerous terrain tests to jump into close combat with the immortals … and Celestine failed, taking a wound!  However, the flamers and retributors finished off the overlords bodyguards, while celestine and the canoness (with their associated units too) locked in combat with the remaining immortals.

thumbs_5b - Sisters.png

End of Game ‚Äď Order of the Verdant Garden winners (Necron 3 Kills, Sisters 6 Kills)

Although the game could have continued, we decided to retire at this point. ¬†The remaining necrons would have struggled to kill enough units in a max two turns (with three unengaged units, thats a max of 6 kill points ‚Äď more likely 2-3), especially with close combat units able to finish of the necron immortals in their turn then hit the necron warriors and wounded overlord the turn after (for another 3 kill points)‚Ķ. not to mention the fact that the game had lasted four hours by this point icon_smile.gif

The Necrons should really have won, if not for the worst set of rolls on the damage tables ever.  Rhinos and immolators kept being shaken and stunned from penetrating hits.  It meant that they lost out on a lot of cheap kill points from critically wounded machines, and the tanks soaked up fire power that could have been used to finish units.  Lots of Sisters units dropped to low numbers (like the Mistress Superior running round freely after the rest of the squad fell), but didn’t get knocked off.

Great game, and even better time sat round chatting rather than moving for a lot of it icon_wink.gif

Shrine part 2

This is the 6′ x 4′ table layout only the Exorcist’s are currently deployed.

The Sisters deployment is as follows:-

Two Battle Sisters Squads and the two Seraphim Squads are in reserve.

There are 4 objectives:-

The Bastion, The Shrine, The Command Bunker and The Comms Bunker.

Firestorm Turn.

The DE have the ‘Scorched Skies’ strategem so roll 2D6 getting 7 + 4 for the number of objectives= 11 Firestorm attacks.

The Firestorm attacks resulted in Exorcist (red) loosing its Hunter-Killer missile, the Flamer Retributer squad and the Battle Sister Squad both loosing 1 figure but both passing their pinning tests.

Turn 1. Objectives:- SoB=4 / DE=0

DE Player Turn.

Crash and Burn!! –¬† with a sonic boom the DE direct a captured Imperial ship into the battlefield!

Four debris fragments hit the battlefield one, shattered into a million pieces on the Comms Bunker without causing any damage, another crashed harmlessly behind the bunker, one casualty was caused in the Battle Sister squad and the last piece smashed into the flamer Retribution Squad taking out the Retributor Superior and two Retributors the final Sister stood her ground FOR THE EMPEROR!.

The rest of the DE turn:-

The following DE units will enter on turn 1

1 x Wyches Raider

2 x Kalabite Warrior Raiders and Archon



2 x Ravagers

The landing and Movement.

The Razorwing and the two Ravagers moved in from the dropzone and started their targeting proceedures while the Raiders of the Wyches and Kalabite Warriors landed almost on target, the Wyches dismounted. The Scourges barely missed splatting into the Exorcist and were targeted by the Quad Gun but only suffered 1 casualty (twin linked but BS 2)

Shooting next.

The Razorwing launches a Shatterfield missile at the Battle Sisters (S7& reroll misses) all hit! But only one casualty, The Razorwing followed up with 2 Dark Lance shots and took out another Sister.

The Kabalite Warriors open fire with their Splinter Rifles (re-roll misses with the Splinter Rack fitted to thr Raider) and wound on 4+ (poison)

The Wyches open fire on the Battle Sisters as does the other Raider with it’s splinter canon both without effect, but the splinter rifles from the Raider cause one more wound, which is just too much for the unit and they flee!

The Scourges fire on the Retributers on the Command Bunker roof (12 shots!) and fail to wound (those 3+ saves).

One of the Ravegers opens fire on the Shrine and destroys the Void-Shield, the other one opens fire on the Penitant Engine stunning it so that is unable to move or fire.

The Scourges charge the Retributers each suffering one wound so the combat is a draw.

SoB Turn 1. Act of Faith points=1

One Seraphim Squad and one Battle Sisters Squad enter the battle from the drop zone edge and one Battle Sister Squad entered from the side, the Arco Flagelents burst from the Comms Bunker ready to engage the Wyches.

The fleeing Battle Sisters re-group

The Seraphim move closer to the Ravager.


The Battle Sister squad that entered from the drop zone targeted the nearest ravager – 20 shots, 11 hits, 15 with the act of faith rerolls – 3 glancing hits, one scores a modified 5 – Ravager destroyed!

The Seraphim Squad open up on the other Ravager only destroying one of its weapons.

The other Battle Sister squad opens fire on the Raider close to it and destroys its weapon

Exorcist Red sent 5 missiles streaking towards the DE Razorwing and scored 3 unsaved penetrating hits 2 of which were enough the send the Xeno monstrosity plunging from the skies!

The Bastion opened fire on thr last Ravager and in spite of only BS2 managed a glancing hit that wreaked it!

Close Combat.

The Retributors continued their struggle with the Scourges, and suffer one casualty without inflicting any but stay in the fight!

The Arco Flagelents crash into the Wyches and inflict 3 casualties while receiving only 1 but the Wyches held

Turn 2. Objectives:- SoB=3 / DE=0 / Contested = 1

DE Movement

The only unit to arrive from reserve were the Reavers, they arrived by Deep Strike and scattered to an empty piece of roadway infront of the Comms Bunker and were fired at by the Quad Gun without success.

The Reavers and all the Raiders moved to pass over troops, and a combination of Chain Snares and Cluster Caltrops destryoed the remnents of the Battle Sisters squad, the Flamer Retributors and inflicted 1 wound on the Canoness


Splinter Rifle Fire from the Raider at the north edge caused 6 casualties but the Sisters held firm, A Dark Lance shot from the Raider by the road smashed harmlessly into the Aegis wall by the side of Exorcist Red. The Reaver Arena Champion fired his Heat Lance at Exorcist Red and it was again saved by its cover.

Close Combat.

The Scourges inflicted another casualty on the Retributor squad without loss but the Sisters held.

The Wyches took out 2 more Flagelents for only one loss in return.

SoB Turn 2. Act of Faith points=6

The remaining Seraphim failed their reserve roll so failed to turn up this turn!


The Seraphim at the eastern edge of the board moved towards the center as did the Battle Sisters who also managed to run 6″ against the Seraphim who only manages 1″ (those heavy jump packs!). The Canoness moved to support the flagelents while the remnents of the other Squad moved to take whatever shots it can against the Raider. The remaining units stayed in the Command Bunker and Bastion.


The Battle Sisters shooting at the Raider scored 3 hits but were unable to penetrate the Raider’s armour.

The Bastion fired at the Raider and missed.

Close Combat.

The Scourges inflicted another casualty on the Retributors withut loss but the Retributers still held.

The Canoness charged into the melee between the Wyches and Flagelents and caused 1 loss to the Wyches but failed to prevent the loss of the Flagelent unit.

Turn 3. Objectives:- SoB=3 / DE=0 / Contested = 1


DE Movement & Shooting

I started this phase the the sound of Wagner’s ‘Die Walkure’ – every Sisters unit not in CC with the exepion of the Penitent Engine, suffered casualties when the DE moved, more casualties were caused in the shooting phase, in addition, the Engine lost one of it’s weapons and the Exorcist Black is shaken (the casulty ratio at the moment is 5 to 1 in favour of the DE!).

DE Assault Phase.

Only 2 assaults the Scourges lost 1 figure with no losses to the Retributor’s while the Canoness lost one wound while despatching one of the Wyches.

SoB Turn 3. Act of Faith points=1 ūüôĀ


The Reserve Seraphim finally arrived at the northern edge.

All other movement was to maximise flamer coverage.

The units in the Bastion and Command Bunker stayed put!

The Arch Confessor moved onto the roof of the Bastion (now it gets to fire with BS5!).


The Battle Sister squad at the eastern edge gain the ‘Light of the Emperor’ act of faith.

They used it well, accounting for 5 Wyches but they did not run!

The Quad Gun managed to immobilise the Venom of the Trueborn.

The Bloodbrides dismounted from the Venom suffered 3 flameing casulties but did not run.

The Penitent Engine flamed away one of the reavers

The Commad Squad heavy bolters immobilised the Kabalite Wrriors Raider.

Exercist Red removed another Reaver.


The Wyches brought down the Canoness without loss.

The Scourges removed the last Melta Retributer leaving just the Retributer Superior.

Turn 4. Objectives:- SoB=1 / DE=1 / Contested = 2

Body count ratio 2.43 to 1 in favour of the DE


Kabalite Warriors dimount from their Raider and move towards the Command Squad.

The Kabalite Trueborn dismounted and moved towards the Serephim at the north egde.

The Raider manuvered to gain a shot at the Engine.


Again all unengaged Sisters units suffered losses, the Command Squad lost 2 members but the remaining member survived 20 shots!


Lelith and the Wyches inspite of having 19 attacks only managed to inflict 1 wound (damn 3+ saves)

The Seraphim lost another one but managed to take 2 Trueborn out.

The Last Command Heavy Bolter was taken by the Wyches.

And the Retributor Superior swapped blows with the Scourges to no effect.

SoB Turn 4. Act of Faith points=6!

No movement – am going to hold the last 2 units in their bunkers until next turn!


The Quad Gun fired on the downed Venom taking out its Splinter Canon.

The Penitent Engine Fired its flamers at the Reaver with no effect.

With a devestating show of firepower Exorcist Red destroyed the last Reaver.

Exorcist Black failded to hit it’s target.


The Battle Sisters and Lelith’s Squad both suffered 1 loss no one broke.

The Kabalite Truborn Destroyed the Seraphim.

The Bloodbrides and Sisters just swapped blows as did the Retributor Superior and Scourges.

Turn 5. Objectives:- SoB=2 / DE=1 / Contested = 1

Body Count Ratio:  2.84 to 1 in favour of the DE.

Well that’s all I have time for today, with 2 lots of friends ‘popping in’ the day was shorter than I had expected.

With an extra hour today and not having to go out until 12:00 thought I might get a chance to play some more…

The Last DE Warriors and the Xran-Kal dismount from their Raider and move to the Command Bunker.

The other Warrior unit moved towards the Shrine.

The remainder of the Wych unit that cleared out the Command Squad moves back towards the Command Bunker.

The remnents of the Trueborn move to support the Bloodbrides.

The two Raiders that are still mobile swap positions and the Venom moves to contest the Shrine.


Only one shot from the Raider with its Dark Lance which was spectacluarly successful as the Peninent Engine explodes leaving a smoking crater.

The Wyches and Kabalite Warriors Fleet 2 and 3 inches respectivly.


Lileth and the Wyches trade a casualty with the Sisters.

The combined might of the Trueborn and the Bloodbrides slaughtered the Battle Sisters at the north edge.

The Scourges finaly cut down the Retributer Superior.

SoB Turn 5. Act of Faith points=4

Movement (The Imperium Strikes Back!)

The Sisters Repentia burst from the escape hatch 18″ from the Bastion in assault range of the Warrors and the last Battle Sister Squad sallied forth from the Command Bunker lead by the flamers!


The Venom by the Shrine was reduced to atoms by the blistering fire of the Quad Gun on the Bastion and a heavy bolter meted out the same fate to the Reader by the Bastion.

Shooting from both Exorcists only managed to reduce the Warriors advancing on the Shrine by 3.

A combination of the packed formation of the Warriors, Flamers and Bolters resulted in the Warrior unit attacking the Command Center to be wiped out with the exception of Xran-Kal! (go Sisters)


Lileth and the Sisters once again swap casualties.

The Repentia’s managed to reduce the Warriors to 2 members with the loss of 2 themselves.

End of turn roll of 4, the game continues

Turn 6. Objectives:- SoB=2 / DE=1 / Contested = 1

Body Count Ratio:  1.63 to 1 in favour of the DE.

Well that’s all I have time for today, I hope to be able to conclude this battle sometime Monday!

Well got back in time to do more Sunday evening so..

DE movement

One Raider moved over the Battle Sister Squad causing 1 casualty and took aim at Exorsist Red.

Meanwhile the Bloodbrides and Trueborn split up and both made their seperate ways towards the Shrine.


The Raider managed to get a shot through the rear armour of Exericist Red and managed to immobilise it!

The other Raider fired its Dark Lance at the Battle Sisters and scored one casualty!


Lelith and the Hekartix finaly slaughtered the remains of the Battle Sister squad and consolidated 2″ towards the Bastion.

The Cabalite Warriors and Repentia’s swaped casualties.

SoB Turn 6. Act of Faith points=4


The Battle Sister Squad moved to target Xran-Kal


Xran-Kal shrugged off 8 hits from the Sisters!

Exorcist Red targeted the Scourges but only managed to take out 2 the Solorite stood firm!

The Quad Gun targeted Lelith and the Hekatrix and both shrugged off the hits.

Exorcist Black loosed 5 shots to wipe out the Trueborn.

Turn 7. Objectives:- SoB=1 / DE=1 / Contested = 1 /Neither=1

Body Count Ratio:  1.54 to 1 in favour of the DE.

Game Turn roll = 4, the game ends!

Now, the game is technically a DRAW but,

The Sisters will claim that the Shrine is occupied by the SPIRIT of St. Aspira therfore giving them 2 objectives to the DE 1!


The DE will claim that the high caualties inflicted on the Sisters count as a win – 76% were taken back to Commorragh as a gift for Vect, including the Canoness!


Vect received the gift and in his mercy had the Canoness flayed and returned to the cult, thus was created The Cult of the Flayed Nun!